April 18, 2020 3 min read

Summer is fast approaching. Not only does the season bring warm weather, but several raves and festivals also crop up across the globe. You’ll need to know where to buy rave clothes that will make you stand out at these events. The options for rave outfits are limitless. You will see all sorts of clothing at festivals, from pajamas to gender-bending outfits and sexy costumes. Here are five trends to help you create the best rave outfit for this summer’s festivities. 

Neon Colors

Neon is a popular essential for raves and festivals. Many performers, DJs, and festival-goers create outfits using specific neon colors so that they stand out. Neon colors allow you to express your inner raver wackiness and show off your killer dance skills. Try a neon green alien romper or a pair of lime high-waisted strapped shorts and two-tone printed neon crop top. Pair with high-waisted legging chaps, fur leg warmers, or gartered leg straps to create an outfit that will stand out from the crowd in the best way.

Trippy Prints

Another favorite among festival-goers is trippy prints. You can find clothing items, such as shorts, skirts, tops, sexy rave bodysuits and rompers, and a multitude of accessories in psychedelic prints and colors. Patterns include electric/lightning, galaxy, snakeskin, aliens, laser beams, and much more. You’ll make an even bolder statement by creating an outfit using multiple trippy patterns and colors.  Just remember that the trippier the pattern, the more eyes will be drawn to you the moment you arrive. In fact, people will probably be drooling with awe over your trippy rave outfit all night long!

Reflective Clothing

One of the newest trends you’ll find at rave clothing stores is reflective clothing made from a special material that “glows” when in contact with light. They are super fun to wear to any rave or festival. Make a scene in a long flared skirt with mind-bending metallic spots and a halter neck crop top with ultra-vibrant raindrop sequins. A great addition to a reflective outfit is head accessories, such as outlandish masks and hats. Add some neon makeup, and you’re sure to make people at the next rave or festival you go to squeal with awe and delight.

Lady Wearing Blue Iridescent Cutout Romper

Iridescent Clothing

Iridescent rave clothes are also rising in popularity these days. Iridescent items give a holographic vibe to sexy rave costumes. You can find shorts, tops, skirts, bikinis, bodysuits, hoodies, and even shoes in numerous iridescent colors and patterns. Dazzle the festival crowd with iridescent blue overalls with pocket and buckle details or metallic turquoise romper with sheer flared sleeves. Elevate your outfit to the next level by adding metallic holster lace-up waist cinchers, iridescent sheer crop tops, and chunky heel platform boots.

Rainbow Outfits

No festival is complete without a rainbow outfit. Rainbow-themed rave costumes are the ultimate way to express yourself. The golden rule of rainbow outfits is to create a unique style that everyone else will want to copy. There are endless options to choose from. You’ll find single pieces, for example, a rainbow snakeskin lace-up romper or rainbow splash cutout romper with front zipper closure. There are also separates, for example, velvet rainbow tie-dye high-waisted shorts, plus a wide variety of other clothing and accessories in every color of the rainbow to create a bright, playful, and funky costume. You can’t go wrong with a rainbow theme for raves and festivals this summer. 

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