April 20, 2020 2 min read

Half of the fun of going to a festival or rave is choosing your fun outfit and makeup. Matching costumes with friends, cute clothes that flatter your assets, and letting your inner diva shine through just add to the fun of the party scene. Nipple pasties are the perfect accessory to complement your rave wear for women, and applying them correctly is the key to a successful night. Read on to learn how to apply pasties like a pro and keep them on all night long. 

Choose the Right Pasties

The first step in a successful nipple cover experience is choosing the right product. There are nude options meant to be worn discreetly underneath sheer tops, and there are fun options that are meant to be a statement all on their own. For example, if you’re going with a mermaid theme for your rave outfit, a sparkly star option can be the perfect accessory for your look.

Different colors and shapes can be chosen as an accessory for your clothes or costume. Consider what else you’ll be wearing as you choose your pasties, taking into account how much breast support you want, how much of your pasties you want to be seen, and what overall statement you want to make. Pasties sold as rave-specific accessories are likely to be higher in quality and better for party activities.

Prep Your Skin

Once you are ready to apply your pasties, clean your skin with soap and water. Sweaty, oily, or dirty skin does not provide a grippy canvas for the adhesive to stick to. After washing the area, make sure to completely dry the skin before application, since any remaining moisture can interfere with the adhesive. Don’t use your usual lotions, oils, or moisturizers; instead, apply pasties to clean, dry skin.

Do a Test Run of Placement and Position

Before applying your pasties, read the included instructions and follow them closely. Different products may have slightly different application recommendations, so keep those in mind. You can also use this time to figure out the placement and positioning you’re going to use for your rave. The adhesive generally is only good for one application, so once it’s on, you won’t be able to adjust the placement.

Woman in sheer body suit with star pasties

The Application

For self-adhesive pasties, remove the cover halfway and then place the product in the desired location. For pasties with separate adhesive, apply the adhesive to the product and then place it correctly. If you are satisfied with the placement, remove the rest of the cover and hold the product firmly in place for a few seconds, molding the pasty to the curve of the skin. Repeat on the other side, being careful to make the two pasties match symmetrically.

Do the Movement Test

Once the pasties are applied, do a little movement test to ensure that everything is firmly in place and won’t budge during your night of adventure. By making sure to apply your pasties correctly, you can complete your rave outfit of fun costumes, cute rave shorts and tops, and other party clothes without worrying about nipple exposure. Check out the rave options available through Rave Fix for high-quality products and cute outfits that are sure to make an impression.

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