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While you may not be out trick-or-treating anymore, that doesn’t mean you don’t deserve to still have a little fun on Halloween. More and more adults these days are using Halloween as an opportunity to dress up, look their best, and get a little bit wild. If you’re considering celebrating All Hallows’ Eve, why not go with one of the more classic costume ideas, like a witch or devil but do it with some sexy flare? Here’s a bit of inspiration for you to consider for this year’s sexy Halloween costume.

How to Make a Witch Costume Sexy

In folklore, witches are frequently depicted as ugly, old crones who lure children into their cottages so they can eat them. But that’s not exactly going to make anyone turn their heads at that Halloween party you’re going to. So, if you want to be a witch this Halloween and cast a spell on every person you pass, try some of these tricks to add some sex appeal to your costume:

  1. Show some leg. Nothing amps up the hotness factor on a costume like showing some more leg. So don’t go shopping for a long, frumpy robe for your witch costume. Look for short skirts or leotards that show off the legs. These can be in any appropriate Halloween color; go for black if you want something a bit more dark and mysterious, but purple and orange can make for great, sexy witch costumes that have a more playful edge.
  2. Try tall boots. Tall, black leather boots have instant sex appeal, and they’re a perfect accessory for a witchy costume. Slide them on over a pair of fishnet stockings and your leg-revealing outfit, and you’ll be the one making everyone else melt.
  3. Glam up that hat. No witch outfit is complete without the pointy hat, but you don’t want just any witch’s hat. Try glamming it up a bit with some tulle, feathers, or a bow to make it more visually interesting and add a flirty flair.

With the right adjustments, your witch costume will keep everyone guessing about whether you’re a good witch or a bad witch all Halloween night.

Girl Wearing a Devil Suit

Turning Up the Heat on Your Devil Costume

Devil costumes are another classic choice for Halloween. It naturally has a sinfully sweet edge to it, and with the right adjustments, you’ll be the temptation that everyone wants to give into at that Halloween party. Here are a few tips for making a devil costume extra hot:

  1. Wear high heels. No devil costume is truly sexy unless you’re wearing a pair of devilishly high heels. They can be high-heeled boots or strappy high heels, but they’re simply a must-have for this costume. Not only will they make your legs and butt look amazing, but they’re a little reminiscent of devil’s horns to really help pull that outfit together.
  2. Flash some skin. You’re not truly a devil unless you’re tempting someone to sin, right? And the best way for a sexy devil to do that is to show off some skin. You can do this in a red miniskirt, a red dress with sky-high slits, or a red bodysuit with strategic placed cutouts. Whatever you choose, it’ll let everyone know that you’re the exact kind of temptation they’re after.
  3. Don’t forget the accessories. Can you really even be called a devil without your horns? The right accessories tie that costume together, and when done right, can up the sex appeal even further. A small pitchfork reminiscent of a riding crop, flirtatious horns atop your head, and perhaps even a darling devil tail can complete that outfit and make it perfect.

If you’re looking for sexy female Halloween costumes, whether it’s a witch or a devil or something else, be sure to check out Rave Fix’s online store for some of the sexiest costumes around.

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