October 25, 2019 3 min read

On Halloween, women can be whatever, or whoever, they want. The options for adult women’s Halloween costumes are endless, and making a final decision can seem impossible. Here are the hottest trends in sexy Halloween costumes for women in 2019.

Popular Classics

Every woman has a favorite classic Halloween costume character. These never go out of style, are familiar to everyone, and the wearer is guaranteed to have a fun night. This year, you can turn this safe bet into a hot Halloween costume by adding a sexy twist or two. You can add a touch of sexy to your vampire, devil, skeleton, or witch costume with a curve-hugging romper and a pair of boots that stop just above the knee or some sleek thigh-highs and stilettos. You can ramp up the sex appeal of an ancient goddess, medusa, or Cleopatra costume with daring hemlines and cutouts that allow you to show off your gorgeous body while maintaining an air of mystery.


2019 is the year of the female superhero. The immense success of superhero movies with female leads between 2018 and 2019 has proved that the genre isn’t just for the guys anymore. And female superhero costumes are a major trend this Halloween. If you want your Catwoman-inspired suit to stand out from all the rest, add some sexy lace-up details to the legs and just above the chest. Amp up your Wonder Woman and Supergirl-inspired costume with a figure-flattering corset, metallic shorts, and knee-high boots. 

Pop Culture Characters

Another big trend for ladies is the character costume. These include characters from TV shows, movies, and literature, especially within the fantasy and fairy tale genres. Character costumes also tend to be some of the sexiest Halloween costumes for adults. You can easily catch the big bad wolf’s eye in a Red Riding Hood outfit with a flared miniskirt, ruffle blouse, lace-up waist cincher, and white stockings.

You’ll be able to beckon guests to wonderland in an Alice costume with a sexy baby blue dress, white fluffy petticoat, and baby blue bowtie headband. You can turn Snow White and other popular princesses into a sultry seductress with a lace-up rhinestone top with attached collar, flared miniskirt, and white semi-sheer thigh-highs. 

Girl in a Pirate Suit


Sometimes, being bad feels so good. Outlaws like gangsters and pirates break all the rules with a smile and project a lethal yet glamorous sex appeal. This is why outlaw costumes are always in vogue. You can make any guy shiver his timbers when you walk by in a pirate queen costume with formfitting romper, a long, regal purple coat with buttons and shoulder fringe, waist-cinching belt, and velvety hat. A great way to pump up the allure of your gangster costume with a long sleeve pinstripe romper with buttons and accessorize with a gangster cap and a garter with toy gun.


Retro costumes let women step back in time while dancing the night away. Retro costume are not only comfy, but also offer an exotic sex appeal. You can add a little hotness to your flapper girl costume with a sequin romper with lace and fringe detail in front. Add a matching headband, a pair of fishnet stockings, and a feather boa wrapped around your shoulders to bump the sexy way up.  

One of the hottest retro trends in ladies Halloween costumes is the hippie. You can ramp the sexy of a hippie costume up to 11 by wearing a minidress in brightly colored, psychedelic print with long bell sleeves and cut-out shoulders. Layer with a tan fringe vest, a headband, round sunglasses, and a pair of fringe boots will help you recreate the free-spirited sexiness that defined the 1960s.

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