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Whether you’re a first-time rave-goer or a rave veteran looking for a new outfit, finding the perfect outfits for a rave can be a challenge. You want to find something original that expresses your personality like nothing else can. And of course, you want to look amazing in it. If you’re trying to find the best rave outfits, this guide will provide you with some basic ideas to get you started.

Choosing the Bottoms

Let’s start with a good base for your outfit. The most popular option for rave outfits for women is some type of shorts. Of course, there are a lot of options available in this general category, including high-waisted, metallic, animal print, suspender shorts, and more. Shorts make a great base for a rave outfit because they’re easy to match, comfortable, and show off a lot of leg. Since raves can get hot and sweaty really quickly, you’ll probably want something that helps keep you cool.

If the rave your attending is a winter festival or is in the cooler months of the year, of course, you might want to wear something a bit warmer. Jeans generally aren’t great for a rave, as they’re not very breathable and can be quite restrictive--and you don’t want anything interfering with your dancing, do you? Instead, look for something that allows for more movement, like a pair of leggings with reflective trim or a cool print or a pair of wide-legged trousers.

Choosing a Top

Next, you have to choose a top to go with those shorts you just picked out. Again, the name of the game here is comfort, breathability, and of course, uniqueness. Crop tops are probably the most popular style of top for a rave, but the range of designs available is amazing. Mesh crop tops are just one example, and they can be paired with a brightly colored bra or with some nipple pasties to really turn heads.

Sequins are also always a great option for a rave, allowing you to really light up under the rave lights. There are a lot of rave tops available featuring sequins in a variety of colors and sizes with varying amounts of coverage so you can find something you’re comfortable with.


If you’re not finding any top-and-bottom combos that are grabbing your attention, why not consider a bodysuit. These are another popular choice for rave-goers, and they definitely amp up the sex appeal of your outfit. From strappy leather bodysuits to lace-covered corsets that look and feel like lingerie to metallic lace-up bodysuits, there’s a huge variety to choose from.

Bodysuits are versatile, so if you find one you love, don’t be afraid to experiment by pairing it with other clothing pieces or accessories. You can wear your bodysuit with a pair of matching shorts or throw on a coat with it. It all depends on you.


Finally, let’s talk about shoes. Obviously, raves are all about dancing, so you want something you’re comfortable wearing all night. A pair of sandals or sneakers generally works well. If you’re going for a more Bohemian look, go for something in a neutral tone. If you want something more dramatic, you could consider a pair of light-up shoes to really draw attention when you’re out on the dance floor.

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