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Rave culture opened up a whole new category in the lingerie department, and now there are so many ways to look fun and sexy. You can go for a foil tube top, holographic bodysuit, or maybe a daring outfit with vibrant colors and trippy patterns.

And, to complete your sexy rave costume, don't forget to accessorize. It can add an extra level of pizzaz as it spices up even the simplest outfit. Here's a rundown of the things that might just be the perfect piece that ties your EDM look together.

Kaleidoscope Glasses

There's something about a good pair of specs that makes someone look sexy and mysterious, especially when they lower their eyewear a little, enough to reveal those sultry eyes. And, for rave parties, kaleidoscope glasses are just the thing.

Aside from being cute and enhancing your look, they let you see the world differently. This accessory changes the way you perceive light so that any image that passes through it is multiplied, just like in kaleidoscopes.

Holographic Harness

Do you want to be that space babe, but you're worried you'll look too out of this world? First off, don't be; it's a rave party, and not a single soul will judge you. Second, holographic harnesses have you covered.

This unicorn-themed bondage accessory has multiple decorative straps that go all over the upper body and wrap around the thighs. Some of them even have waist cinchers to define the midsection and hide the extra bulges. Pair it with a white or pastel bodysuit, and you're ready to rule the galaxy.

Space Whips

On the topic of cosmic fashion, why don't you get a space whip to go with your intergalactic outfit? This mesmerizing accessory leaves a glowing trail of light for a split second. It inspires freedom, movement, and creativity as you dance your heart out throughout the night. And, of course, it looks sexy as it completes your holographic, bondage-inspired rave clothing.

Nipple Pasties

At rave parties, there are all kinds of outfits and the lack thereof. Wearing thongs and panties are pretty normal at these events, and no one will stare at you.  So, go ahead and put on those nipple pasties, and flaunt the parts of your body that haven't seen the light of the day.

You don't have to wear them alone. You can put on a see-through mesh bodysuit over them and still look sexy. Or, pair them with seductive teddy lingerie if you feel like going for the burlesque aesthetic.

Rainbow Splash Leg Strap with Attached Garter

Leg Straps

Wearing leg straps is the easiest, least expensive way to accessorize and add character to any EDM outfit. Just slip them on and tie them around your leg up to your thighs in whatever pattern you like. You can find them almost anywhere, but you can get the good ones in lingerie shops that sell ravewear. They typically carry elastic straps that allow free movement as you dance like no one's watching.

Raves are events where you can be whoever you want, so more than being sexy, cut loose, and express yourself through clothing. It's your chance for your outfits to get wild, vibrant, and unique - just like your fellow ravers.

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