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RaveFix Trending 2020 Halloween Costumes

It’s never too early to start thinking about costume ideas for Halloween! Whether you’re attending a party out at a club or putting on an epic Halloween bash at your place, you want to wear a costume that will wow others. If you’re struggling to find a ladies’ Halloween costume that suits your particular style, you’ve come to the right place! At Rave Fix, we carry a wide selection of adult Halloween costumes that will make you feel confident and impress other partygoers! Our inventory includes superhero costumes for women in addition to plus-size Halloween costumes for women. Whatever or whoever you’re hoping to dress up as, Rave Fix is sure to have exactly what you need. In addition to our lingerie costumes and sexy rave costumes, we have superheroine, nurse, cop, and cat costumes. Find the hottest trending costumes and purchase your next Halloween costume for an incredibly affordable price. Make this Halloween the spookiest, most spectacular one yet and get yourself a scary, sexy, or sophisticated costume from Rave Fix!



Includes Sequin Romper with V-Wire and Sequin Applique, and Sequin Headband.

Unleash your intoxicating beauty on the world and steal the night with the captivating 2 pc Poison Ivy. This incredibly sexy outfit includes a green sequin romper with v-wire and sequin applique. The included headband perfectly completes this outfit and will have you feeling like the queen you are!

Your beauty is going to be contagious as your infectious lust penetrates the souls of all who come in contact with your intoxicating curves! The 2pc Poison Ivy outfit will help you set your evening on fire with a form fitting sequin romper with v wire and sequin applique that hugs every every inch of you and shows the world how dangerous your curves can be! Whether you are going out to dominate the forest, or staying in to share your intoxicating love with someone special, the 2pc Poison Ivy will help you ignite your evening and get your roots into your prey!


Includes Horn Headband, Velvet Bodysuit with Attached Faux Fur Tail, and Iridescent Harness.

No animal on earth that can be naughty quite like a unicorn can! The 3 pc Naughty Unicorn comes with a perfectly fitted white velvet bodysuit that hugs your gorgeous figure, an iridescent harness to highlight your sensual curves and a super cute horn headband to help you unleash your magic on the world. 

There is nothing quite as magical as the unicorn! This costume will help you unleash your rare beauty on the world with a white velvet bodysuit that hugs your every curve and an iridescent harness that perfectly traces your magical figure. The included horns are incredibly cute and add an adorable element to this intoxicatingly sexy outfit. If you are ready to show the world the magic of your beauty this costume will have you looking more radiant than a rainbow and more dazzling than the stars. Unleash your naughty side and steal the night with the 3pc Naughty Unicorn.



Includes Sequin Romper with Attached Sheer Skirt.

This Angel cant sit on a throne of clouds forever! Take a break from your glorious kingdom and allow the mortal world to bask in your beauty with the 1pc Angel Goddess. This alluring costume comes with a white sequined romper that gently traces your body and perfectly highlights your heavenly curves.

You are a goddess among the Angels and it's time to show the world! Not all angels are meant to stay hidden away in the clouds of heaven. Allow the mortal world to bask in the grace of your beauty with an elegant form-fitting romper and attached sheer skirt that will temp even the purest of souls. The sequins on this romper will have you glistening like the goddess you are. Whether you are going out dressed to impress or planning on treating a certain someone to the kiss of an angel, the 1 pc Angel Goddess is certain to help you unlock heaven on earth!


Includes Two-Tone Sequin Dress with Faux Fur Collar and Red Belt. 

Show the world that this dog diva is not just a cruel mistress, but she’s also a fiercely sexy diva! The 2pc Fu-Lovin’ Dog Diva includes a two tone sequin dress that perfectly hugs your devilish curves and helps you unleash your inner diva! This beautiful costume includes a black and white faux fur collar that is a must have for any diva!

When you are ready to unleash your inner diva on the world, there is no better choice than the 2pc Fur-Lovin’ Dog Diva! This incredibly sexy costume will have the entire litter lined up like puppies at your feet. Ignite your evening with a form fitting two-tone dress that dazzles with black and white sequins and highlights your every curve. This costume has a low-cut neckline that graduates into a fur collar that traces your neck with a black and white faux fur. Whether you are going out for a night on the town, or you are looking to treat a certain someone to a wild night with a diva, there is no sexier choice than the 2pc Fur-Lovin’ Dog Diva!


Includes Pair of Sleeves, Top, Lace-Up Skull Vest, Belt, Shorts, and Lace Skirt.

Unleash your inner buccaneer and ride the high-seas as queen of the pirates! The 6pc Pirate Queen Costume comes with an alluring low cut pirate-style top and puffy pirate sleeves that are perfectly tied together with a sexy lace up skull vest and belt. The included sheer lace skirt and velvet shorts will have everyone after this pirate's booty!

There is nothing as wild as the love of a pirate! The 6pc Pirate Queen costume will help you unleash your inner queen and set the night a blaze as you pillage the hearts of all who are after your booty. This sexy costume comes with an enticing low-cut pirate style top and complimenting collared arm sleeves. You'll drive all the buccaneers to madness with the incredible allure of the included sheer lace skirt and shorts that let all the swashbucklers just where this pirate hides her booty! Whether you are out to conquer the evening, or treat your first mate to an evening with the queen of pirates, you are going to love this seductive ensemble.


Includes Vinyl Zip-Up Top, Vinyl Shorts and Choker.

Unleash the violence of your lust on the world with the aggressively sexy 3pc Violent Vixen! This outfit comes with a red and black vinyl zip-up top and shorts that hug your every curve and highlights some of your finest attributes with white detail. The included choker perfectly completes this outfit and is a must have for any violent vixen!

There is no person on earth who can resist the demands of a violent vixen! This incredibly sexy 1pc Violent Vixen outfit will help you unleash your more aggressive side with a lusty red black and whit vinyl zip-up top. The included vinyl shorts will hug your every curve and cause your victims to fall violently in lust with every inch of you. No violent vixens evening would be complete without a little choking! The included choker perfectly completes this outfit and will have all who gaze upon you gasping for the breath that has been stolen by the violent vixen in the room!


Includes Romper with Attached Skirt and Snake Emblem, and Snake Headpiece. 

This sexy two piece Medusa Guardian costume highlights all of the right curves and will make you feel as empowered as the goddess herself! Just like Medusa, people won't be able to keep their eyes off of you, but instead of turning them to stone you will be melting hearts.

This isn't your average dull Medusa costume that hides you behind a robe. The Two Piece Medusa Guardian outfit is carefully designed to accentuate your gorgeous figure while embracing the fury of the goddess herself. If your friends already think you're fierce, just wait until they see you go full Medusa! This costume flows beautifully and includes a crown of serpents because you are most certainly going to rule the evening. Whether you are headed to a party or treating that special somebody to a little time with a goddess, you are going to love how you look in this incredibly sexy costume.

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