1pc Angel Goddess

Includes Sequin Romper with Attached Sheer Skirt.

This Angel cant sit on a throne of clouds forever! Take a break from your glorious kingdom and allow the mortal world to bask in your beauty with the 1pc Angel Goddess. This alluring costume comes with a white sequined romper that gently traces your body and perfectly highlights your heavenly curves.

You are a goddess among the Angels and it's time to show the world! Not all angels are meant to stay hidden away in the clouds of heaven. Allow the mortal world to bask in the grace of your beauty with an elegant form-fitting romper and attached sheer skirt that will temp even the purest of souls. The sequins on this romper will have you glistening like the goddess you are. Whether you are going out dressed to impress or planning on treating a certain someone to the kiss of an angel, the 1 pc Angel Goddess is certain to help you unlock heaven on earth!

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