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Includes Reptile Skin Romper with Attached Sheer Skirt with Reptile Skin Wing Detailing, and Strappy Reptile Skin Wings. Unleash your fiery side with the fury of a dragon and the glamour of a queen! The 2pc Glamorous Dragon includes a sexy reptile skin romper that hugs your curves and an attached sheer skirt with reptile skin wing details that highlights your hips. The included dragon wings with sexy straps perfectly completes this outfit. You are going to set the night on fire with this incredibly sexy outfit! Illuminate the evening with glamour as your shiny scales sparkle like diamonds and the included dragon wings will have you gliding like a queen on a cloud. These luxurious reptilian wings attach with sexy straps that hug and highlight your every curve and add a beautiful accent to this gorgeous ensemble. The reptile skin romper will perfectly accentuate your fiery figure as the sheer skirt with reptile skin wing details gently trace your hips and hypnotize all who gave upon them.


Includes Velvet Romper with Attached Sleeves, Waist cincher, Headband, and Sword. The sea has a wild beauty that is widely praised but hales in comparison to the love of an elegant maiden! The 4pc Elegant Pirate Maiden Costume includes a sexy velvet bodysuit and waist cincher perfectly hold the treasures of your body and the attached sleeves are perfect for the high-seas! The included headband and sword are must-haves for any pirate maiden! There is nothing like the love of an elegant maiden from the sea! The 4pc Elegant Pirate Maiden costume comes with everything you need to be captain of your evening. The form fitting velvet bodysuit and embellished waist cincher will hold the treasures of your body and have everyone after this pirate booty! No pirate leaves ship without their trusted sword and handy headband and neither will you. This outfit includes attached puffy pirate sleeves that perfectly complete the look. Whether you are looking to go out pillaging for the evening, or want to treat your first mate to something special, you are going to love the 4pc Elegant Pirate Maiden.


Includes Triangle Top, Double Panel Skirt, and Choker with Attached Leash. Unleash your inner royalty and show planet earth how sexy an intergalactic princess can be! The 3pc War Princess includes a sexy triangle top, a revealing two panel skirt, and a choker with an attached leash just in case you're a bad princess. Be the beauty from the stars and princess that all your friends envy! This costume is most certainly going to turn heads! You’ll have all of your suitors bowing head to your beauty. The incredibly sexy 3pc War Princess costume perfectly highlights your royal features with a triangle top that has alluring articulations and is sure to draw the eyes of any space creature you come across. This costume includes a perfectly revealing, incredibly enticing two-panel skirt and is completed with a neck choker and attached leash. Whether you are going out into the universe to allow your loyal subjects to gaze upon your beauty, or you are staying in to treat someone special to a night of royal delights, you are going to love the 3pc War Princes!


Includes Sequin Romper with Attached Sheer Skirt and Grape Headband. Become the object of desire in this glamorous two piece wine goddess outfit and draw the attention of all of your seducers. This stunning outfit consists of a dazzling burgundy sequin bodysuit with an attached sheer skirt that flows wonderfully around the body, and to tie everything together, a grape headband that will make you look and feel the part. This outfit will at once allow you to own and channel your inner goddess in complete splendour. The bodysuit molds perfectly to the shape of your body, enhancing all of your curves in all the right places and the sequin fabric will make you sparkle and glisten in a low lit room. The Light fabric of the sheer skirt hangs loosely over your hips accentuating the shape of your waist and making your every movement elegant as it flows perfectly across your skin. This outfit will make you feel and look both elegant and sexy, as you wear the crown of your sensuality.


Includes Lace Capelet and Romper with Train. 

Vampires exude sex appeal with more vigor than we mortals ever could. This entrancing two piece costume accentuates your silhouette with a gorgeous black lace cloak and embraces your body in a low-cut red and black maillot. Unlock your inner vixen with the eternally sexy Vampy Vixen costume.

Every midnight endeavor deserves an exciting touch of elegance and this intoxicatingly gorgeous Vampy Vixen costume delivers just that. The Vampy Vixen will have you looking your absolute best while you make your prey feel the heat of the night. Who said eternal life has to be dull? Unlock your inner vixen and let your vamping last until the break of dawn with the elegant lines and alluring lace that highlights your curves and charms with the power of a thousand years lust. If you are looking to add an eternity's worth of desire to your evening then you are going to love the Vampy Vixen.



Includes Long Sleeved Romper with Padded Cups and Headband.

Your beauty is going to melt hearts and cause fevers because nothing glitters like gold! The 2pc Gold Heroine costume will create a frenzy of people trying to mine for your love. This sexy long-sleeved romper shines with gold fabric that will bring a new glow to your curves!. The look is perfectly completed with an included gold headband.

Get ready to cause gold fever with this sexy costume! The 2pc Gold Heroine perfectly hugs your every curve and highlights your attribute with a gold long-sleeved romper with shoulder pad details and a low-cut neckline. The included gold headband is fit for only the most noble and sexy of heroines! Be careful when wearing this outfit because you might end up starting the next gold rush. Gold has a certain power over people, and that mysterious force coupled with your beauty is going to be unstoppable. Just because you're a hero doesn't mean you can't steal the evening in the 2pc Gold Heroine!


Includes Sequin Bodysuit with Sheer Cutout and Belt. 

Spice up your life with this glamorous and sexy one piece black sequin bodysuit that will make you dazzle in a dimly lit room. The costume includes a checkered belt that will make you really look and feel the part of a glam - racer babe.

This outfit will make all of your shapes and forms shine as the tight fabric hugs your skin. The sexy sheer cutouts will leave your lovers wanting more as you tease them with the skin and the shape of your thighs that lie beneath. With a zip going from your cleavage to your belly you can have fun teasing the gaze of those in your company. Feel the power of your sensuality when wearing this outfit and have anyone in your presence begging for more. This outfit will make you feel fierce and fabulous, sexy and glamorous and your lovers will know that you’re not messing around. 

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