July 07, 2021 2 min read

With public events finally making a comeback, many people are eager to return to the rave scene. People are buying up bodysuits for raves and hunting down the next event so that they can dance and celebrate with friends again. But whether you’ve never been to a rave before, or you simply don’t know where to find one after so long without them, this article will tell you how you can find the next rave in your area, as well as stay up to date on any other upcoming events.

Search Online

As with most kinds of information, you can usually find out about raves and similar events with a simple online search. Search for “raves near me” or “raves [your city name]” to find upcoming ones in your area. It is important to be aware that this kind of search is most likely going to find you the larger, more mainstream events, including EDM festivals.

These events are great and generally are the most secure since they have actual security checkpoints. However, they’re also going to be the most crowded and the most expensive, so if that’s not the kind of event you were hoping for, you can try some other methods for finding smaller, more “underground” events.

Turn to Social Media

Sure, social media is technically online. But a hunt for raves via social media will often turn up very different results from a search engine. Track down social media profiles for other ravers, and follow EDM venues and DJs on any platform that you’re on. These individuals and companies will often post about upcoming events that might not be broadly advertised.

Connect with Ravers

In addition to connecting on social media, you should also try to connect with other ravers in person. Of course, these relationships might start online, but it’s still a good idea to find ravers in your local community. When you have raver friends, you have multiple pairs of ears and eyes searching for any hint of any upcoming rave. Sometimes, news of an upcoming event is only spread by word of mouth. These are the most underground kinds of raves, so if you hear about one, it’s sure to be an unforgettable event.

Rave Outfits

Volunteer for a Venue Manager

If you really want to get the inside scoop, see if you can get in touch with a local venue manager, where they frequently host raves and EDM music festivals. Volunteer your services to pass out fliers about upcoming events, and you’ll be among the first to know about any raves that will be happening at that venue soon.

Sometimes, you’ll find out about a rave just days before it’s scheduled. So it’s a good idea to get your rave costume ready now, so you can be ready no matter when the next rave is! If you’re still looking for an outfit for your first post-pandemic rave, check out our huge selection of rave costumes online!

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