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Rave outfits are all about having fun and expressing your true self. Of course, there are still certain styles that trend at raves, and you always want to look your absolute best. That’s why we’ve put together this list of great ideas to help you find or create cute outfits for a rave! Keep reading to get some inspiration for outfit ideas.

Mythical Creatures

Raves are a chance to let loose and free yourself from reality for a little while. With that kind of escapism in mind, a rave is a great time to dress up as your favorite mythical creature. Whether you’re looking to become a fairy, dragon, mermaid, or even a unicorn, you can build a rave outfit that fits into your own personal fantasyland.

The great thing about dressing up as a mythical creature is that you can use practically anything as the base for your outfit. Separates and bodysuits alike can work, and you can go with just about any color. A purple dragon is just as acceptable as a green one, and nobody is going to think twice if you choose to be a pink unicorn instead of a pure white one. With the right accessories—be it wings, a horn, or bottoms in a fish scale pattern—you can make your outfit come to life!

Ninjas and Warriors

While many women love to be flirting and feminine with their rave look, others want to look strong and fierce. If that’s something you’re striving for with your next rave costume, you should gravitate more towards black materials than the shimmery, iridescent colors that are so popular at raves. Again, rompers, bodysuits, and bikini sets can provide an equally acceptable base for your outfit. But how do you show exactly what you’re trying to be?

The great thing about being a rave ninja is that a mask works perfectly into your costume. Ravers were wearing face coverings long before they were mainstream because these parties can kick up a lot of dust that you don’t want to inhale. A black facemask protects your lungs while giving your costume the mysterious edge it needs. For other kinds of warriors, you do want to avoid any bulky accessories; however, leather bucklers on your forearms or metal studs on your outfit can give it that fierce look you’re going for.

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A Marvelous Masquerade

Now that facemasks are no longer required in most places, you might want to consider adding a different kind of mask to your outfit. There’s something so incredibly alluring about a masquerade ball, but who wants to put on those heavy, uncomfortable ball gowns? Instead, add an eye mask to your rave outfit to give it a mysterious yet classy vibe.

Most rave outfits won’t come with this accessory, so you’ll have to make it yourself. Get creative, and use your imagination! So long as the mask has a similar color scheme to the rest of your outfit, you can’t go wrong.

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