July 18, 2022 3 min read

Follow the 2022 Rave Fashion Trends

Like any other area of fashion, rave fashion isn’t stagnant. It is constantly shifting, with no styles and trends falling in and out of favor among ravers. Keep reading if you’re looking to attend a few more raves this year. We’ll tell you more about the latest in rave wear for a woman, with all of the latest trends and styles. Stick with these trends, and you’ll be sure to be perfectly in style at the next rave you attend.


Holographic Clothing

Ravers have always loved materials that shimmer and shine, so it’s no surprise that holographic clothing is on trend this year. Holographic fabrics in bright colors are the preferred option for most ravers, though darker fabrics are certainly out there. Holographic materials have a base color but reflect light in a rainbow effect that’s stunning without being overwhelming. This type of outfit lets you stand out on the dance floor but won’t blind any of your dance partners.


We carry dozens of rave outfit pieces in holographic material, including flared skirts, tie tops, lace-up rompers, high-waisted shorts, and so much more. Color options range from hot pink and teal to silver and black, so whether you prefer a bright color or something more neutral, you can still get that stunning, rainbow-inspired, holographic finish on your outfit.

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Reflective Fabric

Unlike holographic pieces, reflective rave clothing isn’t trying to achieve a subtle shimmer; it stands out like a glowing neon sign on a dark street. The reflective material used in these outfits is similar to what road workers use on their uniforms to ensure that vehicles can see them at night. This material can reflect light directly, so it seems to glow when any light hits it. You can imagine this effect under the flashing lights of a rave. You’ll look like you’re quite literally glowing!


We carry several rave outfits with reflective material—including a sexy road worker uniform if you want to stay true to this trend’s source of inspiration. You can dress in a rave outfit that’s crafted entirely of reflective material or an outfit with a few reflective strips for a more subtle glow.


Psychedelic Colors

Bright colors have always been popular among ravers, but for 2022, the focus is more specifically on that “psychedelic” look that began with the hippie movement of the 1970s. Psychedelic clothing features colorful flowers, curving lines, a dreamy effect, and tie-dye. The goal with this trend is to be as bright and colorful as possible, so add as many colors to your outfit as you can!


Our online catalog features many psychedelic-inspired looks, particularly in the tie-dye trend. We have outfit pieces in a range of tie-dye finishes, many of which pair the look with other rave trends, like holographic materials, snakeskin print, and rainbow Pride.


Sequins Everywhere

When in doubt, you can never go wrong with glitter! If you want to really sparkle when you step out onto the dance floor, look for an outfit that’s completely covered in sequins, from bottom to top. Sequins are a tried-and-true rave trend, and they’re staying popular in 2022.


Here at RaveFix, we love sequins as much as the next raver and carry many outfit options with this glittery finish. From bikini bottoms and shorts to bikini tops, skirts, chaps rompers, shrugs, and even gloves—we have everything you need to create a sequin-covered outfit that’s sure to stun.

Check out our rave clothing store online to find what you need for your next rave!

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