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Top EDM Cities in the US

Looking for the best music festivals and venues to which you can wear your EDM outfits this year? Whether your hometown is lacking in EDM venues, or you simply want to do a bit of traveling and enjoy an amazing rave scene, we've got a list of places that every EDM lover must go. These cities host some of the best festivals and are home to some of the top music venues in the country. Keep reading to learn about the best US cities for EDM lovers.


Las Vegas

Las Vegas has always been about letting loose and simply enjoying the moment—making it the perfect city for a vibrant EDM scene. Vegas already has some of the hottest clubs in the world and is known for its party scene. If you're lucky enough to fit it into your schedule, you can attend the EDC mega-festival, one of the world's biggest EDM festivals. If you can't make it during this year's EDC, don't worry; there are plenty of other places to enjoy the Vegas EDM scene. The city has many sponsored pool parties throughout the year, and you can often catch EDM acts like Diplo at top-rated nightclubs in the area.



Chicago has a vibrant and thriving music scene. It plays host to many music festivals, such as Lollapalooza, Northcoast Festival, and Spring Awakening—all of which will usually have an EDM stage. Can't make it to a festival? There are plenty of opportunities to dance the night away all around the city. Many Chicago clubs are open seven nights a week, bumping music from DJs all around the world. The Mid is especially well known for its EDM on a nightly basis.


Los Angeles

If you're ever headed to California, Los Angeles is the place to go for EDM lovers. It was home to the very first EDC, and top clubs like Avalon and Exchange LA emphasize playing techno and house music on a nightly basis. Want to get away from the mainstream EDM scene? Los Angeles also has a thriving underground scene—if you can find the party!



EDM really shines here during Miami Music Week—the top EDM music conference in the country—as well as the world-renowned Ultra Music Festival. This portside city takes parties to the next level, and you're sure to find it full of life no matter when you go. If you can't attend a music festival here, be sure to visit one of Miami's many dance clubs. Story and Basement are both known for their EDM scene.



This city might surprise you, but Denver, Colorado, is home to many EDM festivals, including Global Dance Festival, Decadence NYE, and Sonic Bloom Music Festival. The city's Beta Nightclub has live performances that bring out the EDM on a nightly basis, giving you plenty of opportunities to dance, party, and celebrate life in this beautiful mountainside city.

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New York City

Of course, no list would be complete without the city that never sleeps; the Big Apple itself has a thriving music scene and offers a little something for everyone. Clubs have been going hard in NYC since the '80s, showing no signs of letting up. In addition to the party-all-night dance clubs, you can also find pop-up nightclubs that appear from nowhere during the summer. Plus, NYC is home to the Elements Festival and the Electric Zoo Festival.


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