Zodiac Panties

Be sexy and shine in these sassy red Aries thongs. These panties are made for the Aries lovers during a romantic night—matching your fearless and HOT personality. A passionate red thong and bustier will bring the most seductive night for you and your lover. Aries love to live life to fullness, so don’t limit yourself to these Zodiac Aries undies. These will pair perfectly with your favorite bra, underneath your lingerie or any type of clothing. Channel your star sign and grab one today from our Zodiac sign collection. 

Give ‘em a tease in this sassy Gemini thong! They are perfect to wear during a massage or even through a late-night stroll through the beach with your lover. The best little gift to have a reason to be touched. This sexy, tiny Gemini thong is cut to perfection. Go ahead and represent your Zodiac sign in these Yellow Gemini undies. No matter what mood you are in, this panty will not disappoint in the bedroom or if worn all day long.  They are so comfortable you will want to wear them all day long. 

Channel your energy with these Capricorn undies bringing out the sensual and erotic inner you. Whether you wear it all day or for playtime in the bedroom, they are so comfortable and supportive—you will never want to take them off. Get ready to rule the bedroom, a submissive sign that enjoys it slow and steady but likes to be in charge. Represent your Zodiac sign with this delicate and airy white Capricorn thong today. Perfect to pair with your favorite Cami top and enjoy a wonderful night in bed. Available in Small, Medium, and Large. 

Be an Astrology Baddie with these white Aquarius thongs.  These will fit flawlessly under your favorite lingerie or under any clothing—they are so comfortable it will feel like you have nothing on underneath. Perfect for everyday wear and every occasion, that softly hug around your natural curves. Aquarius is known for being wild, quirky, and adventurous. These undies are subtle yet seductive that will make bedtime more fun for you and your partner. Shop our Zodiac sign collection today.

Pisces are romantic at heart! So, what could be more perfect than showcasing your Zodiac sign with these seductive blue Pisces Zodiac sign thong. They are super comfy to wear for a chill day or to turn bedtime into playtime. This Zodiac panty with a cute embroidery on the front is so versatile, you can pair them with a chemise, or wear them under your favorite jeans or lingerie. No matter what mood you are in, these sexy undies is the perfect choice. Shop our Zodiac sign collection today. Available in Small, Medium, and Large.

Taurus women are all about sensuality and drawn to beautiful things, and quality is one factor you'll never compromise on. Our Taurus thong is super comfy and created in quality fabric. And when you pair these undies with your favorite luxurious lingerie, you create the perfect set to spice up sex with your partner. You will be ready to rock on sexy night when you want to feel and look good. Shop our lingerie collection and represent your Zodiac sign in these pink panties today. Available in Small, Medium, and Large.

Cancer lady is a “lunar goddess” and passionate lover, which makes these blue zodiac sign panties the perfect choice to add to your lingerie collection. They are simple, yet comfy while representing your Zodiac sign. Cancer women are also imaginative and like to spice things up. These undies will make the perfect night with your lover unforgettable; you can easily slip them under your favorite lingerie or t-shirt. This Zodiac sign thong is pretty, romantic, and all-around sexy, which you will SO love! Shop our Zodiac collection today! Available in Small, Medium, and Large.

Leos are fun-loving, fabulous, and outgoing lovers, which makes these Yellow Zodiac sign thong perfect for you to represent your sign and be playful. Pair these with your favorite bra to create the perfect lingerie set. These undies give you a feminine charm along with being bold. No matter if you choose to wear them as part of your everyday wear or pair them with your lingerie for playtime, they are so comfy you’ll never want to take them off. Shop our lingerie collection and represent your Zodiac sign in these yellow panties today.

Treat yourself kind of day or a perfect gift for that special someone, our Zodiac sign panty is the perfect buy! Virgo is the classic shy girl, but even shy girls know how to get down and dirty in the bedroom. Choose to pair it with no top and just a satin robe or your favorite t-shirt and get ready to tease your lover. Either way you will look HOT and Sexy and ready for wherever the day or night takes you. Complete your lingerie set with a pair of panties from our Zodiac collection. 

Libras are known to be elegant lovers and enjoy undergarments that are easygoing, seductive, and beautiful. These pink Libra zodiac sign thongs is the perfect for you, if you want comfort, sexy, and beautiful all in one. Pair these with your favorite nightie or jeans and t-shirt and create the perfect sex appeal without being over the top for your classy sensibilities. You are known for being hopeless romantics when it comes to love, which makes these a must have in your lingerie collection.

Scorpios is known for being fierce and fearless, which makes these HOT RED Zodiac sign panties a must have in your lingerie collection. They will add a little spice to your bra and panty set or teddy lingerie. However, you choose to wear them, they are so comfortable you’ll want to wear them all day long but easily to take off when it is time for playtime in the bedroom. Gift them or treat yourself, either way you will not be disappointed. Find the perfect teddy or satin robe to wear over your new undies in our lingerie collection.  

Sagittarius are flirty and charming, which makes these comfy red Zodiac sign undies the perfect choice to add to your lingerie collection. They will add cute and sexy to a classic panty set. Pair this thong with an adorable bra or t shirt for a bit of tease and enjoy a night at home with your lover. Our collection has lots of lingerie options to choose from that will pair perfectly with these red Sagittarius panties. Purchase one today and complete your undergarments collection today while representing your Zodiac sign.  

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