Dragon Metallic Criss Cross Wings

Want to take your rave outfit to the next level? Dressing up as a creature or character is a great way to add your unique style to your rave look and express a part of your personality with your outfit. If you love fantasy creatures, our Dragon Metallic Criss Cross Wings may be just what you need to turn your rave outfit into a fierce, fanciful, and fashionable costume.

These wings of iridescent pink material reflect various colors in the light and mimic a pair of dragon wings. The straps for your wings crisscross over your chest, helping to keep them securely in place and perhaps providing a little bit of extra framing for your breasts. They then wrap around your waist and tie comfortably at the small of your back. Our Dragon Metallic Criss Cross wings are the perfect fantasy-themed accessory for any rave outfit.

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