Pair of Leg Wraps with Velvet Band

Includes: Pair of Leg Wraps with Velvet Band

Spice up your Santa's Holiday Spirit Bikini with this pair of leg wraps with a velvet band. They make your legs look sexy and slender while bridging the gap from the thigh to the ankles. They are very comfortable to wear, sit at their place, and allow you to move freely, walk, dance, party, or participate in any activity.

These leggings are a versatile accessory that can be matched with a bikini, romper, short dress, skirt, shorts, or anything that falls up to the thigh.

They are very high quality, sturdy, and is an excellent choice for rave and music festivals. If you have a short-length cute costume and looking for the right accessory to go with it, then this is an idle choice you can make! It will look gorgeous with high heels or alongside any footwear. To rock this pair of leg wraps, you may need nothing more than the statement itself just to accentuate your feminine and bold side.

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