Vinyl & Faux Fur Santa Hat

Includes: Vinyl and Faux Fur Santa Hat

Are you looking for a sexy Santa hat this season? This vinyl & faux fur Santa hat is all set to intensify your Santa theme-inspired look. The typical fun Santa girl look is incomplete without this hat. If you are looking to dress up as a Santa girl and searching for the appropriate accessory to complement the look, this hat is what you need to take your final appearance to the next level. With this accessory, you can transform any Santa theme-inspired attire into an ultimate costume set that will surely garner a lot of attention.

As the dress alone will not do the trick, complete your attire by adding this cute Vinyl & Faux Fur Santa hat. Everyone will admire this sassy Santa hat as it places itself comfortably on the head, and for an extended period, this hat will never trouble you. Available in one size‬ and color options of Red & Black, Red & White, or Black & White.

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