Tie-Dye Keyhole Tie Top

Tie-Dye Keyhole Tie Top

Bikini-style tops are a popular choice as a base for many rave outfits. The Tie-Dye Keyhole Tie Top takes this trend and adds its own twist, with unique details that set this rave top apart from the crowd. The top swoops up to a point, connected to two strings tied behind the neck. The swoops and peaks of this top cover most of the breast while giving a tasteful glimpse at the top and bottom of your bust, and the keyhole cutout on the underside of the top shows off some low cleavage.

The swirl of colors on this material is beautifully eye-catching and available in both a light blue and vibrant purple base color. The metallic finish and silver splotches will catch the rave's lights and help you stand out on the dance floor. You can pair this top with any other items to create your one-of-a-kind rave outfit, but we recommend pairing it with our Tie-Dye High-Waisted Shorts or Tie-Dye Bottoms for a complete, coordinated look. The Tie-Dye Keyhole Tie Top is available in sizes S, M, and L.

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