Mens King Pharaoh of Egypt Costume

Includes Harness with Detachable Cape, Headdress, Pair of Gauntlets, Shorts, and Belt

Look perfect next to your Cleopatra in this 5PC Men’s King‬ Pharaoh of Egypt‬ character-inspired costume set that is all about authority, power, and boldness. The complete look features a harness with a detachable‬ cape, headdress, pair of gauntlets,‬ shorts, and a belt‬. You will feel a supernatural aura in this outfit, which makes it interesting.

It is a statement costume set to resemble the look of King‬ Pharaoh of Egypt. The gold and blue ensemble brings the essence of masculinity, intelligence, and braveness, making it a mesmerizing outfit. Showcase your muscular build in this set, and it will speak strength and dominance throughout the look—making all the girls go crazy for you.

It is a perfect choice if you are looking for something iconic yet sexy and bold at the same time.

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