3pc Majestic Mermaid

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Includes Lace-Up Corset, Sequin Skirt with Layered Organza, and Shell Tiara. 

Entice anyone in your presence with this three piece mermaid costume that will make you look and feel as majestic as ever! With a glowing sequin skirt layered with Organza, a sexy lace up corset and a shell tiara to tie everything together, you will undoubtedly be the goddess of the evening. 

You will have anyone swimming with desire as soon as you put on this imperial three piece costume that highlights all of your magnificent shapes and curves. You will overpower the evening with glamour and queenly splendour, dazzling all eyes upon you. Enjoy how the lace up corset brings out the best of your forms, creating a perfect waist for anyone to hold and breasts that will be irresistible to the touch. See how long anyone can last before the desire to untie the lace and unleash the goddess that lies beneath this magnificent costume becomes too strong to hold at bay. 

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