2pc Gold Heroine

Includes Long Sleeved Romper with Padded Cups and Headband.

Your beauty is going to melt hearts and cause fevers because nothing glitters like gold! The 2pc Gold Heroine costume will create a frenzy of people trying to mine for your love. This sexy long-sleeved romper shines with gold fabric that will bring a new glow to your curves!. The look is perfectly completed with an included gold headband.

Get ready to cause gold fever with this sexy costume! The 2pc Gold Heroine perfectly hugs your every curve and highlights your attribute with a gold long-sleeved romper with shoulder pad details and a low-cut neckline. The included gold headband is fit for only the most noble and sexy of heroines! Be careful when wearing this outfit because you might end up starting the next gold rush. Gold has a certain power over people, and that mysterious force coupled with your beauty is going to be unstoppable. Just because you're a hero doesn't mean you can't steal the evening in the 2pc Gold Heroine!

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