3pc Witch with An Evil Spell

Includes Padded Cup Corset with Lace-Up and Zipper Closure, Skirt with Flair, & Witch Hat. 

Bewitch the whole room when you arrive in this deluxe costume!  This witch costume is far from the traditional look, with all the sexy details to cast a spell. Includes a gorgeous black sequined corset top, a leather look skirt and the perfect pointed witch hat to top it off.

Forget the warts and green face paint, and strut your stuff this Halloween instead! This glamorous sequined corset laces up the back for a sensual and sexy look.The front of the bustier is accentuated with a daring and devilish pointed front, while the padded cups take your cleavage to the max. Pair it with the form-fitting and dramatic skirt, which flairs out right below your hips with tulle to accentuate your hourglass curves and create some mysterious appeal. Topped with the perfectly coordinated and detailed black witch’s hat, you are certain to bubble and boil up some trouble anywhere you go!

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