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We all recognize Halloween as an opportunity to dress up, let loose, and perhaps be somebody else for one night. But who is it we’re trying to be? What attracts us to the costumes that we choose to put on for Halloween night? According to modern psychology, the best Halloween costumes are a chance to display your dark side, feed your creativity, and even form connections with others. Keep reading to learn what your Halloween costume might be saying about your personality.

Discover Who You Are

Most adults who dress up for Halloween are on the younger side (ages 18 to 24). As we get older, we’re less likely to put on a costume. Why is this? It’s likely because young adults are still pinning down exactly who they are. Dressing up for Halloween allows you to adopt a persona for just one night and explore life as someone else. It can help you in your efforts to define who you are in your everyday life as well. But as we get older, we’re more likely to have already figured that out, the exploratory roleplay is no longer necessary, and we’re less likely to dress up.

Don’t assume that this means dressing up as a pirate means you want to be a pirate. It’s simply a one-night exploration of a theme or idea rather than trying on a career or personality for your future.

Connect with Other Fans

Many people choose to dress up as characters from their favorite movies, TV shows, and books. While this can, in part, be connected to the above reason of exploring a different identity, it’s also a great way to form human connections. If you go out to a Halloween party dressed as a character from a book that few people have read, you know that most people won’t recognize who you are. But how will it feel when someone finally does?

Odds are, you’ll feel an instant connection to that person. It’s a fast and easy way to find someone who shares similar passions and interests. Even if the reference is not an obscure one, it’s always fun to see another fan or your favorite TV show, right? If you’re dressing up as a specific character from any media source, it could be because you’re interested in connecting with others who love the same things you do.

Show Your Dark Side

We all have parts of our personalities that we suppress. For example, flaunting your sexuality is not something that’s considered acceptable in everyday society. But on Halloween, you can let your darker, sexier side fly free. If the costume you choose has a bit of a rough edge to it, you’re likely exploring a darker side of your personality that you don’t typically get to discover.

Of course, sexuality shouldn’t always be seen as something dark, and it’s something you should be proud of. Still, if you’re not comfortable being your sexiest self regularly, Halloween provides an ideal environment to embrace that part of yourself. Whether it’s to explore the sexy side of your personality or because you really want to look and feel attractive, there’s no reason to hide your sexy personality on Halloween.

Plus Size Pirate Costume

Creative Expression

Finally, Halloween is a chance to show off your creative side, too—if you have one. Of course, some people are more creative than others, and that’s fine! But if you’re someone who loves crafting your costumes and getting them perfect, down to the last detail, then you’re in it for the creative expression. Flaunt your creative skills and your sexy side in one night!

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