October 05, 2020 3 min read

With everything that’s going on in the world, don’t we all deserve to do something extra fun and exciting this Halloween? Even if large costume parties are not encouraged at this time, that doesn’t mean that you can’t dress up. And if you’re keeping your Halloween celebrations to a small group—or just you and your significant other—that makes this Halloween the perfect time to try out the sexiest Halloween costumes you can find. You can show off your curves with confidence, as you never have to fear judgment from your closest friends and loved ones. Keep reading to get a few ideas of sexy plus-size costumes you can try out this Halloween.

Sexy School Teacher

This classic sexy Halloween costume is always a great choice, especially if you’re feeling a little uncertain about your choice to try out a risqué Halloween costume this year. The sexy school teacher look is one that never goes out of style, and it comes in enough sizes to work for any body type. You’ll have them begging for detention when they get a look at you in your plaid miniskirt and button-down crop top. A short, matching tie and a pair of scholarly glasses can really add the finishing touch to this costume.

Jessica Rabbit

Jessica Rabbit, from Who Framed Roger Rabbit?, is one of the most recognized sex icons in Hollywood. While she may be an animated character, a significant portion of the population had their first crush on this busty diva. With a skin-tight, sequined red dress and the right wig, you can pull off this look as the perfect sexy Halloween costume. While a bit more conservative than the costumes that call for corsets and French-cut leotards, the high slit and clingy fabric still offer ample sex appeal.

Pirate Queen

Want to look both sexy and strong? Consider a sexy pirate costume this year. A ruffled miniskirt or tiered ruffle skirt can be paired with a corset to really amplify your beautiful curves. With your captain’s hat on your head and sword in hand, you’ll be the sexiest swashbuckler in all the seven seas. Wear that costume with confidence and pride, and nobody will question your position as the pirate queen—and if they do, you can make them walk the plank!

Sexy Pirate Halloween Costume for Women


Hippie costumes can frequently be frumpy and unflattering—but they don’t have to be. A flower-power minidress with tie-dye patterns can give this surprisingly simple costume a sexy makeover. Add a tasseled vest and boots, a leather band around your head, and some ‘70s-inspired sunglasses, and your look is complete. Strut your stuff with confidence, and you’ll be the foxiest mama at the disco!


Want something both sweet and sexy? A sailor costume may be just what you need. A navy or white minidress with an old-fashioned cut makes the perfect sexy uniform. It shows just enough leg to add a touch of sex appeal, while the simple, flared skirt and collared neckline have a subtler, more modest style to them. With the right details—like some large buttons to imitate a sailor’s coat—and a sweet sailor’s cap, you’ll be ready to set sail.

If you’re looking for a sexy Halloween costume that shows off all your curves, check out our plus-size Halloween costumes for women. We offer a wide range of costume choices that will flaunt all your best features. Whether you’re having a small party or just want to surprise your significant other with your sexy costume choice, be sure to get your costume ordered soon so that you can have it ready for Halloween!

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