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Anyone who's ever worn lingerie can tell you the same thing - the seemingly flimsy piece of clothing can give off an energy that's uniquely fabulous, fierce, and feminine. It can make you feel good or powerful because of the way it supports and adorns your every curve and line. Simply put, this garment celebrates your body.

Shopping for it, however, may be a completely different story. When you step into a physical store or browse through an online catalog, you'll be greeted with a wide variety of styles, each one more attractive than the last. So, how can you possibly find the perfect piece without getting overwhelmed? Fret not, because here's a guide to the various kinds of lingerie and which body types they flatter best.

Lingerie Sets

This is probably the first thing that people think of when on the topic of intimates, coordinating bras and panties. It's like your usual, everyday underwear but with a fun and flirty twist. Imagine a pair that's trimmed with matching details stitched on, like floral lace, frilled mesh, or dainty satin ribbons. Some even have straps that keep hosiery from rolling down or beadwork for that extra sparkle.

A two-piece lingerie set looks great on those with an hourglass figure. Because the equally proportioned bust and hips are decked in fabric, the small waistline gets accentuated. This emphasizes and perfectly frames the body's curves.


Once used as a term for a loose-fitting linen garment that protects clothes from sweat and body oils, the chemise has evolved into a cozy and stylish piece of loungewear. It still comes in the form of a dress, but it's a little shorter and more revealing than before. It usually doesn't have sleeves and isn't cinched at the waist, making it a comfortable option for a nightgown.

While it looks good on all body types, a chemise best flatters apple and triangular shapes. Since the piece flows downward and doesn't hug the torso, it highlights one's broad shoulders or full bust.

Teddy Costume Lingerie


A similar option is the babydoll, which is named after a 1956 movie that increased the garment's popularity. What makes it different from a chemise is that it features formed cups and a hemline that falls between the navel and upper thigh, so it's much shorter. That's why it sometimes comes with matching panties or shorts.

Like the chemise, this kind of lingerie is a must-have for those who are top-heavy. Broad shoulders or a wide bust line can be balanced out by the babydoll's flowing silhouette.


For something that's a little more cute and playful, try a teddy. It's a form-fitting one-piece that's sometimes called a bodysuit. Think of it as a tighter and sexier version of a romper, fashioned out of lace, sheer, mesh, or latex with daring cutouts and details. It can be worn indoors as sleepwear or outdoors as a top - with pants, of course.

A teddy flatters a wide range of figures, including an hourglass and inverted triangle. But, those with a pear shape definitely rock it best. Their wide hips and full behind complement this kind of suit. To make the torso look more balanced, a piece that has a plunging neckline will do the trick. Rectangle types will also look amazing in this lingerie, especially if it has details or designs that accentuate the waist.

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