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One of the perks of getting married is surprising your spouse on your wedding night by slipping into some sexy lingerie. The type of wedding lingerie you choose can help set the mood for some exciting wedding night antics. Here are some tips to help you find wedding lingerie to spice up your wedding night.

Consider Your Body Shape

When buying lingerie for your wedding night, the first thing you need to think about is your body shape. Ladies lingerie comes in numerous styles, so make sure you pick one that fits well (doesn’t pinch or sag anywhere) and flatters your beautiful curves. Whether you choose a one-piece ensemble or multiple pieces, make sure the lingerie is comfortable enough to get into and out of. This way, you and your spouse can have an evening of romance and excitement you will remember forever.

Choosing Sexy Details

Each woman has a unique view on what makes lingerie sexy. Some women love lace lingerie while others prefer silk or satin. You can also find lingerie with playful details, like ribbons, sequins, fringe, cutouts in erogenous areas, and so on. You can opt for a sexy bra and panties, or an elegant chemise, babydoll, or nightie. Or you can choose to go all-out and create a scintillating ensemble using corsets, bustiers, teddies, garter belts, suspenders and stockings, etc. 

You can add some daring accessories to your lingerie for some extra-sexy fun on your wedding night. Silk and satin ties, feather boas, and blindfolds add a bit of mystery to a romantic evening. Whips, chains, handcuffs, and similar erotic accessories let you and your spouse explore the racier side of yourselves on your wedding night. 

Sexy lingerie for wedding night

Stick to a Theme

If you have a special theme for your wedding, this can be incorporated into your wedding night. Medieval- and Renaissance-themed weddings are the perfect opportunity for you to indulge in some creative lingerie costuming. You can delve into a bit of roleplay on your first night together as a married couple by dressing up as sexy versions of your favorite fantasy characters, including Vikings, elves, fairies, and so on.

Holiday weddings, particularly those set on or near Halloween, offer the perfect opportunity for you to have some cheeky fun with your wedding night lingerie. There is an endless variety of sexy costumes to choose from online. These options range from light and whimsical (superheroes, gods and goddesses, kings and queens, etc.) to dark and mysterious (witches, demons, vampires, etc.).   

Play with Colors

Nude and white lingerie is the most popular choice for wearing on your wedding day. Your wedding night, on the other hand, is the best time to bring out some color. Soft pastels add a sweet touch to your wedding night garb. Black lingerie, along with red, navy, and other bold colors offers a more vivid, seductive vibe. Remember that you are allowed to wear any style and color lingerie you want on your wedding night. What’s important is that you feel comfortable and confident in what you put on. Above all, you and your spouse deserve to have an amazing time on the first night you spend together as a married couple.  

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