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When it comes to tempting their partners, people often think of wearing something that shows a lot of skin. But, while it garners the attention of their special someone, their interest won't be kept for too long. That's because, in the art of seduction, mystery is the key. So, more than just lace panties or teddy lingerie, get nice hosiery that covers enough while stimulating your lover's imagination.

Love, Lace, and Lingerie

When dressing up to temp your partner in bed, your lingerie should be inviting to touch. A silky, lace hosiery set is perfect to wear for that purpose. Its interesting patterns draw one's attention, while its soft, smooth fabric gives a sensual feeling that's truly irresistible. It also accentuates your assets while being breathable and comfortable. This is the kind of legwear you should get if you want to flaunt those sexy curves.

Let your partner gently touch the luxurious fabric. They’ll experience the pleasurable sensation of silk. This can overload the senses, sending them to a state of bliss. 

Maid for Mischief

Lolita maid costumes are modest but slightly revealing. They're long enough to cover your rear, but they're too short to reach your thighs. They come with pantyhose that covers the legs up to the knee, exposing a bit of your skin under the swingy skirt. This paints a subtle image of what you may look like in bed, but it'll be up to your special someone to piece the whole picture together. 

What's special about this costume is its choice of hosiery. Instead of a daring, see-through pantyhose, it incorporates white, cotton legwear, which suggests sexy innocence. This gives your partner a feeling of being in charge.

To amp up your seduction game, use lingerie pasties. They come in different designs, like ones with tassel and sequin details. Choose whatever makes you look more inviting.

Sexy Little Secret  

Teasing is a major part of seduction, and one effective strategy is to suggest what you look like in the bedroom without revealing too much. Wearing a bodysuit with hosiery under a sheer dress should do the trick. It'll be your sexy little secret beneath that layer of clothing.

The lingerie set will show a little cleavage or a hint of lace on that deep décolletage. That'll make your partner wonder how much clothing they need to take off. And, they'll keep on thinking of how they'd do it long after they've taken a peek at your intimates. 

Silky Lace Lingerie

For the Love of Leather

If you and your partner are into submission and dominance, want leather hosiery to go with your spiked heels and steel-boned corsets. While soft, silky intimates are super sexy, there's something about a shiny PVC outfit that makes you look dangerously seductive. 

Leather hosieries aren't always black, as some people think. They come in a range of colors, sizes, and finishes, including matte, metallic, and wet look. There are even those with designs inspired by superhero costumes, so you can be Wonder Woman for the night or Harley Quinn if you’re feeling a little more villainous.

While wearing hosieries is casual and chic, it can be sensual and seductive when paired with the right intimates. Get in touch with Rave Fix to find the perfect set of sexy legwear and lingerie costumes.

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