February 19, 2020 3 min read

Finding cute lingerie seems pretty easy, but it can be unexpectedly challenging at times. Your preferences tend to change. What you once thought was sexy and fun may eventually feel a bit dull or overused. It's natural to want to try something new and spice things up a bit. While there are ladies who will always love the classics, others want their lingerie to have more of a wow factor. Luckily, there should be a hot lingerie style that can suit just about anyone. It shouldn't be too difficult to find lingerie that works for you and your developing tastes.

1. Feminine Bow Teddy with Bow & Cross Strap Detail

This is a great classic option that still puts a little bit of a twist on the original. It reveals more than a one-piece swimsuit, but it isn't as bare as some other choices. The bow adds a cute touch, and the cross strap detail provides a nice adjustment to the traditional teddy. If you prefer not to stretch too far out of your comfort zone, this a great idea. It's familiar and comfortable, while delivering a distinctly feminine and attractive design.

2. Netted Matte Bodysuit with Garter Set

All fashion choices send a message. You communicate that you're fun and approachable, or that you're undoubtedly the one in charge. If you want to take command in the bedroom, this is the one for you. This is a fetish style black matte bodysuit. It immediately stands out from more classic designs by embracing a far more risqué and perhaps niche aesthetic.  The see-through netting cutouts and garter straps help to complete the look. No one is going to mistake you for an innocent damsel in distress in this lingerie.

3. 2-Piece Set with Sheer and Heart Patch Detail

There's absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to feel fun and flirty. Everyone has those moments. But it can be difficult to find the exact lingerie that keeps things entertaining without crossing the line. That's where this 2-piece set comes into play. The sheer fabric adds a touch of seductiveness. The heart patch detail provides a bit of fan and whimsy. It's a wonderful blend, and it delivers a great balanced appearance that many ladies and their admirers will absolutely love.

Lace and Satin Teddy with Snap Bottom

4. Curvy Mesh and Fur Teddy

Occasionally, you want to fully embrace your curves. Of course, not all lingerie sets are specifically built to display a curvy figure. This is the exception.  The mesh hugs you in all the right places, and the fur is strategically placed to accentuate your feminine figure. If you want to feel womanly, sexy, and powerful, this is lingerie that you need in your collection.

5. Lace and Satin Teddy with Snap Bottom

You can't go wrong with a timeless classic. A lacy number should in every lady's wardrobe. It's frilly, girly, and always a great feminine touch. Satin is smooth, sexy, and surprisingly comfortable. This teddy combines these elements into a go-to choice. It's a great addition. In fact, it's even a great first option if you've never purchased lingerie before.

Whether you prefer white lingerie, black lingerie, or you prefer a colorful look, there are many great pieces out there. Whether you like a 2-piece, bodysuit, or the always-beloved teddy, there's something for everyone and any style or aesthetic. Contact Rave Fix at (510) 592-7584 if you have any questions or visit our online store to check out the latest selection.

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