May 03, 2021 3 min read

Rave clothing comes in all shapes, sizes, and colors. There are really no rules when it comes to what you should wear because raves are all about letting your true self shine through while feeling totally sexy and confident. And while any outfit that you feel comfortable in is the best rave outfit for you, we wanted to share a few of our absolute favorite, completely timeless rave looks in this blog!

Sleek Black

Raves are full of bright colors, so sometimes it’s nice to see a break from the pattern. We absolutely adore rave outfits that are made of sleek, simple black. There’s something undeniably sexy about a black bodysuit and a pair of rave boots, and amid a sea of pastels, black can really make you stand out. We just love the vibe of a “sexy, dominant woman” that comes from a black rave outfit.

Black can also provide the perfect backdrop for any other colors that you really want to stand out. Want people to notice your knee-high white boots or the bright flowers in your hair? A black outfit makes sure that those elements stand out in your ensemble, rather than having many colorful elements competing for attention.


Why choose one color when you can choose them all? Rave outfits that have a rainbow of colors on them are incredibly fun and harken back to the tie-dyed mini dresses of the ‘60s. There’s something incredibly joy-filled about rave outfits with all the colors of the rainbow on them, and isn’t that joy what raves are really about?

Golden Goddess

Metallic hues are plentiful at raves and music festivals, but most women tend to opt for silvery hues. When we see a rave outfit that opts for gold instead, you can bet that it’s going to catch our eye. A shining gold bodysuit or matching bikini set in this metallic finish really stands out and can make you look like a total goddess on the dance floor.

Flirty and Flowy

Most rave outfits are focused on skintight clothing, so we love to see skirts at raves from time to time. The great thing about rave skirts is that they can go on over the top of the classic rave booty shorts or bikini bottoms. With an open front and long, flowy back, these kinds of skirts add a flair of femininity to all that sex appeal. It’s a nice change from the norm while still staying true to classic rave fashions.

Rave Bodysuits

Cosplay It Up

We love to see cosplay merging with rave wear. After all, raves are all about setting yourself free and being as true to yourself as you can be. So why shouldn’t that include things like fairy wings, elf ears, or mermaid scales? There are so many ways that you can add cosplay elements to a rave outfit, so get creative! You can cosplay as a specific character from a comic book, video game, or movie, or you can do more general cosplay by dressing up as a fairytale creature like an elf, fairy, dragon, or mermaid.

While there are a lot of rave fashions you’ll see repeated again and again at the rave you attend, the most important thing to remember is that your rave outfit is all about what makes you feel great. So, when choosing outfits for a rave, dress for yourself first—not for others. Wear what makes you feel sexy, confident, and comfortable so that you can have a great time. That’s what rave culture is truly all about!

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