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Valentine’s Day is all about celebrating your relationship with that special someone in your life—and that’s what makes lingerie one of the best Valentine’s Day gifts out there. Lingerie is something that both partners in the relationship benefit from, making the wearer feel incredibly sexy and giving the observer something fun and exciting to look forward to. But giving lingerie as a gift can be quite tricky, especially if you’ve never bought lingerie for your partner before. Here are a few ideas that will help you find the perfect sexy lingerie, teddies, and other gifts for your Valentine.

Know Her Size and Style

Before we get into which pieces you should be looking at, let’s talk about two critical factors in finding the perfect sexy Valentine’s lingerie: knowing your partner’s size as well as her taste when it comes to lingerie. Her size can be a bit tricky to find out, but try to sneak a peek at the tag of her bra or even at her dress size if you can. While a bra size will help you out a lot more in finding the right size top, a dress size can be a decent starting place if you really can’t learn her bra size without creeping her out.

As for her style, you must put her tastes before your own. We get it; the lingerie is a little bit for you too, as we’ve already mentioned. But the preferences of the wearer should always come first. While you might think a strappy leather teddy that covers next to nothing is incredibly sexy, it won’t seem that way if she’s too embarrassed to come out of the closet after putting it on. If she has lingerie already, use those pieces as a guide for what she likes.

Be aware of the areas of her body that she most likes to flaunt and the ones she’s most insecure about. Find pieces that highlight her best assets and deemphasize the things that make her self-conscious so that she can step out in that new lingerie with total confidence. Now, let’s talk about types of lingerie and which ones might work best for your Valentine.

Bra and Panty Sets

A set with matching bra and panties is one of the more sensible lingerie gifts you can give, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be incredibly sexy too. A bra and panty set can be worn beneath everyday clothing while still providing a sensual surprise when your partner undresses, making them both fun and functional! If your partner wants to feel sexy but is a bit more practical, this is a great gift to give. She’ll be able to use your gift as everyday undergarments, but with a bit of extra lace and sexy details on them, this set will also make her feel wonderfully sexy.


Teddies are incredibly versatile pieces of lingerie, and they can range from the understated and relatively modest to the most dramatic and revealing details. The great thing about teddies is that they’re capable of flattering any body type, so no matter where your partner’s insecurities lie, you can find a teddy that can help her to strut her stuff in the bedroom.

If she’s insecure about her tummy, make sure you purchase a teddy that has a tummy panel and a flattering cut that pulls in at the waist. If she feels like her legs look short and squat, look for a teddy with a higher-cut leg opening to lengthen her legs. With a variety of cuts and materials, a teddy could work for any woman.

Valentine’s Satin Teddy

Gowns and Robes

Again, the wearer’s desires and comfort should always come first, and sometimes that means letting her cover up a bit more than you might want. If your partner isn’t someone who wears lingerie very much, consider getting sexy gowns and robes that she can wear over other pieces you purchase. This can allow her to feel more confident until she’s comfortable shedding the robe and showing off what’s underneath.

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