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Dresses are an essential part of any girl's wardrobe. They can be sleek and sexy, stylish and sophisticated, comfy and casual, fun and flirty, and everything else in between! With such incredible versatility, you can easily find a dress for any occasion. But it can also make it challenging to find a perfect dress that truly flatters your body's shape. But that's why we're here! This article will give you tips on finding the perfect dress for your body type, from the waistline to the hem length. So, what's the ideal dress for you? An empire waist? A mini dress? A sheath dress? Keep reading to find out!

What a Waist

One of the first things you have to do to find a flattering dress is to find a waistline that works for you. There are three primary types of waistlines:

  • Empire waist: A dress with an empire waistline is fitted through the bust, but everything below has a loose, flowing fit. This cut works for just about everybody type. For curvy girls, an empire waistline emphasizes your bosom will minimizing the lower half of your body. For more petite girls, this style can define your silhouette, especially with a longer hemline.
  • A-line: Like empire dresses, A-line dresses are fitted through the bust but cinches in closer to the waist before flaring out. As the name implies, this creates a more distinctly angular "A" shape in the dress. This is the most universally flattering cut, which is why it's incredibly popular as a bridesmaid's dress—it works for everyone!
  • Drop waist: A drop waist is most commonly seen in flapper-style dresses. They sit at the upper hip before flaring out to the skirt. This cut is most flattering on women with lean, athletic, or boxy figures that don't have many curves to their hips. This cut looks especially appealing in a mini dress, which modernizes the style.

Shape Up

Now that we've covered the waistline let's talk more about the overall shape of a dress. There are five distinct types you should be aware of:

  • Fit and flare: This timeless look creates an hourglass shape on virtually any woman by cinching in at the waist and flaring out from the hips down. It flatters any body type.
  • Shift: A shift dress is more rectangular in shape and is not fitted. This makes it comfortable and forgiving of our imperfections. But those who want to emphasize a narrow waist might miss out on that in this dress.
  • Sheath: Sheath dresses are great for hourglass shapes and those with athletic builds, as they emphasize curves. They're formfitting and elegant, making them great for high-class dates and cocktail parties.
  • Trapeze: A trapeze dress is a more exaggerated version of an A-line dress. It's very triangular in shape and is loose and flowing. It adds the appearance of curves but won't emphasize specific areas of your body.
  • Wrap: A wrap dress, as the name implies, has the appearance of being wrapped around your body and cinched at the waist. This makes it an excellent cut for those with a curvier shape.
Blue Overlapping Pleaded Dress

Great Lengths

Finally, let's talk about length. There are three primary lengths that we'll want to examine:

  • Mini: A mini length is anything at "fingertip length" (think of those dress codes in high school) or shorter. Minis are sexy, flirty, and adventurous. If you love your legs or want to give them some extra length, go for a mini dress with a strappy pair of high heels.
  • Midi: Midi dresses are a safe bet for any occasion. You can wear this length to a party or work. They fall right around the knee and can balance your silhouette beautifully. Curvier girls should look for midi dresses that drop just below the knee for better balance.
  • Maxi – Maxi dresses fall to the floor but are comfortable and flowy. This length flatters any shape!

Now that you have a better understanding of how your dress's waistline, shape, and length impact your silhouette, you can purchase a dress with total confidence! Whether you go for a mini dress or a Bodycon maxi dress, you can find something that flatters your figure here at Rave Fix.

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