September 18, 2020 3 min read

Date night. These two words conjure up all the feels; anticipation and excitement come accompanied by a dash of anxiety and maybe even some tummy-rumbling nerves. Whether you’re going on a first date or having your regular weekly Friday night date with your long-time sweetheart, dressing for romance is essential. Every gal needs to bring her “A” game to date night. Here are just a few sexy date night outfit ideas.

  • Heels. We don’t mean wedges or platforms. We mean sleek, sexy stilettos. Paired with skinny jeans, a great top, and some statement earrings, stilettos create a sexy vibe that’s impossible to resist. Not only will your butt and legs look amazing, but the confidence and power you feel in a great pair of heels is super sexy.
  • Cut outs. Showing a bit of skin on a date really ups the excitement and anticipation. Subtle is better. Show your shoulders. Bare your midriff. Show some of your smooth back or offer a peek at your cleavage. Cut outs are sleek, sophisticated, and totally feminine.
  • Details. Subtle details offer considerable appeal. A short skirt trimmed with fringe shows skin while also leaving something to the imagination. An innocent, ladylike bow on an otherwise bare shoulder exudes sexy femininity. Short denim shorts with strategically placed distressing promises something enticing beneath. Use details to highlight your best features.
  • Lace. There is something so spicy about lace. Tops and dresses that include elements of sheer lace work wonderfully for a date night. Bits of lacy lingerie peeking out from beneath a basic tee elevate a simple look. Lace is classic and glamorous and sexy.
  • Lingerie. Sure, lingerie can be an obvious part of a romantic evening (and at Rave Fix, we’ve got lots of ideas about that), but you can also use lingerie in more subtle ways to up the sex appeal of your date night outfit. Let a lacy bra peek out above the neckline of your tank or tee. Wear a gorgeous bra underneath a sheer top. Pair a corset or lacy bodysuit with a well-fitting blazer. Use pushup bras to enhance your curves and show off a bit, or a bunch, of cleavage.
  • Red or black. Red and black are simply sexy colors. On their own or together, red and black exude sensuality. Any of the above style features—lace, heels, details, lingerie—done in red or black becomes instantly sexier.
  • Costumes. Not every night out is appropriate for a sexy costume, but any night in will work. Costumes are a fun way to surprise your partner and keep things interesting. Don’t save your sexy French maid outfit for Halloween; wear it to serve something sweet to your sweetie on your next date night. Husband just wants to stay in a watch the game? Join him dressed in your sexy football player costume. Covid quarantine making nights in too routine and blah? Spice up the next one by letting a exotic nurse bring some TLC.

Date nights are just better when you add a dose of sexy to the mix. If you’re searching for date night clothing, sexy Halloween costumes, or a special piece of lingerie, Rave Fix has you covered. (Or uncovered, as the case may be.) The secret to being sexy is feeling sexy; when you feel sexy, you are confident, powerful, and unstoppable. At the Rave Fix, we are committed to helping women of all shapes and sizes find their sexy. Shop our wide selection of styles today and make your next date night something to remember.

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