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Get the party started with our features products of rave clothing bodysuits.

Sheer Hooded Romper

Sheer Hooded Romper with snake Trim & Zipper Closure.

Halter Neck Snakeskin Romper With Lace-up Detail


Sneak into the rave with style in this fun bodysuit featuring a sophisticated high neckline, halter straps, lace-up sides with tie closures, a low open back, and a cheeky cut bottom.

Latex Romper With Zipper Closure


Dare to go past your comfort zone in this edgy bodysuit featuring a scoop neckline, a full silver front zipper, shoulder straps, high cut sides, and a thong cut back. It’s never too early to start thinking about costume ideas for Halloween! Whether you’re attending a party out at a club or putting on an epic Halloween bash at your place, you want to wear a costume that will wow others. If you’re struggling to find a ladies’ Halloween costume that suits your particular style, you’ve come to the right place! At Rave Fix, we carry a wide selection of adult Halloween costumes that will make you feel confident and impress other partygoers!

2pc Kinky Bunny


Includes Vinyl Bodysuit with Lace-Up Detail and Vinyl Bunny Ears. Unleash your kinky side with the incredibly sexy 2pc Kinky Bunny Suit. The black vinyl bodysuit hugs your intoxicating curves and the lace-up detail on the sides traces your figure from your ribs to your hips. This outfit is completed with included black vinyl bunny ears that are perfectly kinky. Its time to let your inner-kinky bunny out of the cage and have some fun! The 2pc Kinky Bunny suit includes a sexy black vinyl bodysuit that accentuates your every curve and highlights your hips with an alluring black lace detail. The included vinyl bunny ears perfectly complete this outfit and take your kink to the next level. Everyone loves a bunny, and this kinky bunny suit turns that love right to lust! If you are looking to heat up your evening there is no better way than black vinyl. Ignite your evening with the incredibly sexy Kinky Bunny Suit!

3pc Kinky Nurse


Includes Vinyl Cutout Lace-Up Top, High-Waisted Sorts, and Headband. 

Spice up your evening with this fabulously sexy three piece kinky nurse costume. Perfect for some fun and games, it comes with a shiny black vinyl cutout lace - up top, vinyl high waisted booty shorts and a matching headband to make you look and feel the part.

This outfit will make you look and feel sexy and ready for a kinky evening. The vinyl fabric will hug your skin tightly, accentuation your curves in the right places. The lace up top is asking to be untied and will show off your brilliant cleavage, hiding only what is necessary, leaving enough space to desire more. The high shorts will brilliantly cup your buttocks making your booty absolutely irresistible to grasp. In this outfit you can nurse your lovers with your sexy self and have them begging for more of your magic medicine. Get ready for an evening full of fun and games!

4pc Kinky Maid


Includes Vinyl Bodysuit, Apron, Headband, and Duster. 

Own your sensuality and bring some spice into your life with this four piece kinky maid outfit. The outfit includes a black vinyl bodysuit with white detail frills, an apron, a matching headband and a duster.

Wear this outfit and get really kinky by bringing some fun, games and roleplay into your sexy evening. The bodysuit will splendidly hug your body like a glove, accentuating your curves with the perfect cut above your buttocks making your booty completely irresistible to grasp. The vinyl fabric will mold perfectly around your breasts and make your whole body shine with absolute splendour. This one's for the adventurous, the sexy and the playful folks.  You have props at hand to make your night more interesting and fun, so get kinky and creative in this wonderful outfit that promises not to disappoint. No lover could deny you a thing once you are wearing this fabulous four piece. 

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