September 19, 2019 3 min read

The mermaid costume is a Halloween classic. Plenty of ladies have worn mermaid-inspired dresses and costumes over the years, and the popularity of the Aquaman movie has only made it more fashionable. After Amber Heard gave life to Mera on the silver screen, women fell in love with the character and her gorgeous scale-based attire. If you want to bring your own mermaid to life this Halloween, there are tons of options and ways to approach your own underwater adventure.

Mermaid-Style Skirt or Dress

One of the most basic decisions to make with a mermaid costume is whether or not you want to embrace the tail fully. With a mermaid skirt or dress, the tail is fairly easy to incorporate. A skirt or dress with a mermaid silhouette is made to look like a mermaid tail. If you don't want the full-on tail, find a dress with a mermaid style, especially in a green or blue shade that will still give you that under-the-sea look. 

Bright and Sparkly Lingerie

Wearing mermaid-themed lingerie is another time-honored classic. Because it's such a popular spin on Halloween costumes, there are many choices available. You could choose a two-piece or a one-piece for your costume, but there are many more details to consider. Pair an iridescent skirt that flares out to make it look like the end of a mermaid tail with a seashell-colored bra, and shell accessories. 

Color, texture, and overall style are probably going to be the deciding factors. Do you love salmon pink? Would you rather go with seafoam green or ocean blue instead? Your scales could be glossy, iridescent, or have a matte finish. There are a lot of ways to play with mermaid lingerie, so you have a lot of freedom with this idea.

Sexy Bodysuit

A mermaid bodysuit is a great go-to costume, especially if you don't have a lot of time to plan and prepare. It may seem a little bit on the nose, but a mermaid bodysuit with fishnet detail allows you to fully embody the quirkiness of Halloween. If you prefer to be a bit more daring, a strapless cutout bodysuit is always a great way to make a statement. A hooded bodysuit adds a touch of mystery and flare. Regardless of what you choose, a mermaid bodysuit is a fun, easy, and perhaps flirty choice for adopting a classic mermaid look.

Halloween Mermaid Costume

Frilly or Bell-Bottom Pants or Leggings

Never underestimate the importance of leggings or pants with any costume. If you're going to be out all night, opting for high pants or leggings is an excellent idea. You may be a bit more comfortable, and you're less likely to need to borrow someone's coat. To make it look more like a costume, choose pants with flared bottoms that resemble fins or frills to give it a seaweed appearance.

As you can see, there's really no wrong way to tackle the mermaid theme. After all, the mermaid costume is a timeless Halloween classic for a reason. With the right wig, you can present your own version of Mera. If you prefer something a bit more traditional or sexy, there are plenty of avenues you can use to adopt other looks as well. Check out the mermaid costumes on* if you want to learn more about what's available or to brainstorm ideas. Being the queen of the sea never really goes out of style.

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