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Finding the perfect Halloween costume is no small feat. Angel costumes are an enduring classic, but there are so many varieties and styles that it can be difficult to narrow down your options. Luckily, angel costumes for adults provide a lot of great choices, so you're unlikely to be disappointed regardless of what you choose.


This is the classic approach to putting together an angel costume. A heavenly angel is elegant and sweet. The concept is feminine and stylish, but it still has a bit of angelic charm to it. Pair angel wings with a romper like this Angel from Heaven costume for a beautiful, bold, and sexy look. It's a great choice if you want something timeless and classic but also fun and flirtatious. The heavenly angel costume pairs well with white stockings and pumps.


Does your inner angel have black wings instead of white? This wicked-themed angel is the costume for you. With a corset and slit skirt, the wicked angel takes no prisoners. The wicked angel is sexy, sultry, and definitely means business. Glossy and sparkling, a wicked angel costume is perfect if you want to turn heads and be the center of attention.


The sweet angel costume is a bit more conservative. It features a catsuit with a lining tube, as well as a mesh skirt and halo. If you're looking for something beautiful and delicate, the sweet angel is the angel costume for you. It's a bit reminiscent of the heavenly angel, but it's somewhat more practical and may be a little more comfortable to wear if you're going to have a long night.


Do you like the heavenly angel costume but wish that it had a little more sass? Look no further than the diva angel costume. It still stays true to the all-white coloring, but it delivers substantially more attitude. The diva angel costume comes with a double slit dress and a zip-up waist cincher. It doesn't go as dark as the wicked angel, but it definitely has more of an edge than the sweet angel can boast.


A one-piece romper with an asymmetrical attached sheer skirt, the angel of darkness is a variation on the wicked angel costume. It pairs well with fishnets and high heels. If you like the dark look, but you prefer something less glossy, this is an excellent way to go. It's not the end of the dark angel lineup, but it's an addition that's worthy of attention.

Wicked Angel Costume


Did you want to be a witch, but you decided that an angel was a better idea? The midnight angel costume borrows a little bit of witch-like inspiration for its own angelic purposes. Another version of the dark angel, the midnight angel is a hooded romper with partial sheer sleeves, a double slit skirt with sheer ruffles, and a lace-up waist cincher. It sounds more complex than it actually is. The hood and skirt definitely turn up the stylistic touches, but it has enough classic Halloween flare that you're sure to be happy with the look.


The angel goddess costume is a two-piece that includes a romper with attached ruffles and sheer overlay and belt. It certainly has a touch of Greek influence, which is how the angel goddess costume gets its name. If you want a fun switch-up on the heavenly angel, this is a great option. It still has a classic appeal, but it has fun by borrowing some of its inspiration.

As you can see, when it comes to angel costumes for adults, there are many options and styles available. Check out the inventory online for additional sexy Rave costumes for your upcoming Halloween party.

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