January 11, 2022 3 min read

Everyone wants lingerie that fits and flatters your body, making you look and feel incredibly sexy. The good news is, this year’s lingerie trends aren’t targeted towards a certain body type or a specific look. Instead, it’s all about the little details that can really turn up the heat on any piece of lingerie, from bra sets to sexy gowns and robes. Keep reading to learn about a few of these big, “little” trends that would look absolutely stunning on you!

Bejeweled Accents

Traditional lingerie materials are naturally all about fabrics—satin, lace, silk, and so on. But this year, you’ll start to see more lingerie on the racks that incorporates less-traditional embellishments, like feather trims, gold chains, and diamond-studded accents. These little details can completely change the look and feel of any lingerie piece, and you’re likely to find them on just about every type of lingerie out there.

You’ll find diamond-accented chains on our 2PC Sparkle Diamond Bra Set, gold chains on our 2pc Vinyl Bodysuit with Chain Detail, and many pieces of lingerie trimmed with luxurious marabou feathers, including a robe, multiple teddies, and a bra set. Whatever your preferred cut of lingerie, you can find these exotic accents just about everywhere this year!

Lovely Lace

Lace has long been a popular material for lingerie. Its timeless beauty and ability to give a sneak peek at what lies beneath the clothing make it an extremely sexy and flattering material. There are many types of lace, offering many levels of visibility so that you can find something you’re comfortable with. And, again, lace can be found in every lingerie style, making it easy to find a piece that’s flattering to your figure.

We use lace throughout our catalog, as a primary and accent material, on teddies, bra sets, bodysuits, chemises, baby dolls, and more! When it comes to lingerie, you can never go wrong with lace.

Sexy Teddy Lingerie

Sheer Indulgence

Speaking of that little peek lace can give your partner, another popular trend this year is to give your partner much more than just a little peek. Sheer materials are growing in popularity for lingerie wearers. Suppose you want to really flaunt what you’ve got. In that case, we have many lingerie pieces crafted of sheer materials, including our:

Strutting up to your partner in a sheer piece of lingerie will make you feel confident, sexy, and ultimately empowered.

Cottage Core

This trend is one you might not have heard of before, but in essence, cottage core is all about delicate, feminine detailing on lingerie. Little accents like ribbon, embroidery, and lace make up the heart of this trend, adding a girly and flirty vibe to what you wear. If you’re going for a bit of air of innocence with your bedroom wear, look for pieces with these little details. A few examples in our catalog include the 2PC Satin Underwire Bralette & Skirt Set with Faux Fur Detail, the Cutesy Bow Short Set, our 1pc Marabou Satin Teddy with Bow Detail, and our Soft Satin Chemise with Lace Detail.

If you’re looking for sexy lingerie teddies and other trends that will make you feel sexy, check out our catalog today!

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