December 20, 2021 2 min read

Lingerie sets can make excellent Christmas gifts for the woman in your life, but many men are uncertain about what to get for their partners. Picking the right type of lingerie can be difficult, which is why we’ve put together this quick guide to Christmas lingerie. Hopefully, this can help you get some ideas of what to buy your partner, so you can find a Christmas gift that you’ll both truly enjoy.

Santa-Inspired Romper

A romper is always a safe bet when it comes to lingerie options. It’s simple enough that it flatters almost every body type, but still offers plenty of sex appeal. You can buy your partner a romper with confidence that she won’t find it too uncomfortable or revealing. Plus, with the swimsuit-like fit, finding the right size is much easier than other types of lingerie.

Our Sequin & Mesh Lace-Up Romper is an excellent choice if you want to give lingerie as a Christmas gift. This piece has just the right amount of Santa-inspired details to evoke the holiday spirit—sparkling red sequins, fuzzy white trim, and even a little black belt detail around the waist. This romper is the perfect combination of feminine and festive!

Red Lace Teddy

Some people don’t want anything that leans too heavily into the holiday theme, and that’s just fine! Maybe you want to give her some lingerie that she can use at other times of the year too. In that case, we strongly recommend a red lace teddy. Like rompers, teddies are a simple cut that will flatter most women’s bodies. But simple doesn’t mean that it’s not sexy!

Look for a teddy in a deep, alluring red that features near-transparent lace, and you’re sure to be melting the frost off your bedroom windows. Our High-Cut Lace Teddy is an ideal choice, and also comes in an equally festive shade of green.

Lingerie Robe

If you’re simply not comfortable buying lingerie for your significant other, then you should consider giving her a lingerie robe instead. There’s a lot less pressure on this piece of clothing, but it can be equally sexy and still greatly appreciated. With a robe, size and cut are less of a concern, so this is something you can buy with ease and confidence. A silky, sexy robe like our Elegant Cutout Eyelash Lace Robe can be the perfect layering piece for when your partner feels like turning up the heat.

Sexy Christmas Costumes

Short Set

There’s another reason that some men may hesitate to buy lingerie for their partner: They simply don’t want to send the message that she has to constantly be at the top of her game. If you want to give the woman in your life something that’s more comfortable, but still helps her to feel sensuous and appealing, consider a short set instead of traditional lingerie. Our Soft Satin Tulip Short Set is silky and comfortable and has a flattering shape to it. She’ll feel at ease while managing to put off that casually sexy look she doesn’t even know she has.

Buying sexy Christmas outfits for your significant other doesn’t have to be stressful. Check out our Christmas collection to get ideas and inspiration for the perfect lingerie gift.

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