September 03, 2021 3 min read

Adults love dressing up for Halloween just as much as kids do. But often, women feel forced to choose between the same sexy Halloween costumes each year. While there’s absolutely nothing wrong with choosing to flaunt what you’ve got on Halloween, sometimes, you want your costume to make you look both strong and sexy. Here are some costume ideas that can do both.

Pirate Queen

Back in the days of traditional pirates, it was considered bad luck to have a woman aboard a ship. But those days are long gone, and now, you can be the fiercest pirate queen in all the seven seas. It is a great costume to look both sexy and strong: A lace-up bodice or corset is perfectly in line with this costume, allowing you to flaunt your curves. But few people are going to argue with you when you have a pirate sword in hand.

There is so much versatility in a pirate costume too. You can find one that shows just as much or as little skin as you want. You can opt for a long, dramatic coat over a short skirt and corset or forego the coat and wear a sexy bodysuit instead. Find one that makes you feel like a million buccaneers, and you’ll be ready for that costume party!

Army Babe

While our brave troops might be restricted to a specific uniform, your costume doesn’t have to be the same to pay homage to them. A bodysuit in an Army camo print can show off some more skin, letting you flaunt those biceps as you drop and give them 20 pushups. Pair it with a camo cap and (if you’re looking to up the sex appeal) some fishnets to create a costume that’s both commanding and sensual.

Avenging Assassin

There’s a certain fierce heroine that could make the perfect costume for you this year. Not only is the costume simple, but it’s both strong and sexy. A bodysuit that covers you from wrist to ankle might not sound sexy, but when it hugs your every curve in tight black leather, you can bet that you’re still going to turn heads. Plus, a zip-front closure can be left slightly undone to show a bit extra skin if you want to. Strap a couple of faux weapons to your thighs, and you’ll look as deadly as you do appealing.

Sexy Female Halloween Costumes

Ninja Warrior

Want a different kind of warrior for your costume? A ninja can be a great option—and you don’t have to cover yourself from head to toe to pull it off. Black bodysuits that offer any variety of coverage can work for this costume; pulling it off comes down to the accessories. Most ninja costumes have arm wrappings and can be paired well with a mask (which are all the rage this year anyway, right?). You can make your costume as intricate or as simple as you want; make sure you have a place to conceal your ninja tridents and throwing stars!

Your Halloween costume should make you feel empowered. Whether that means flaunting what you’ve got, dressing up to look as fierce as possible, or a combination of the 2, you can find the perfect costume at Rave Fix. Check out our online Halloween store, which includes a huge variety of women’s costumes, from superheroes to pirates and everything in between. You’re sure to find what you’re looking for, so start shopping now, and you’ll be ready when those Halloween parties start!

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