August 22, 2021 1 min read

Tips on Choosing the Perfect Bridal Lingerie

You probably spent months picking out what you would wear on your wedding day—but what about your wedding night? It’s important to find the perfect bridal lingerie to make your first night together as a couple truly special. Here are five key tips to follow to help you find the perfect bridal lingerie:

  1. White is traditional. While you’re not required to get white lingerie for your wedding night, it’s still good to know what the traditions are. White is a reminder of your wedding dress—and it makes it a lot easier to wear under a white gown, as it’s less likely to show through.
  2. Know your body type. Different types of lingerie flatter different figures, so know your body type and what looks best on you. You’ll feel more confident in something that truly flatters you.
  3. Keep your comfort in mind. Yes, you want something that’s undeniably sexy, but you’ll probably be wearing this under your wedding dress for at least part of the day. Make sure that it’s not going to get too uncomfortable.
  4. Try it on under your dress. Make sure you put that lingerie on with your wedding dress at least once before the big day. Check to ensure it fits well and doesn’t show with your gown.
  5. Don’t forget the garter. A sexy matching garter is essential for your wedding day lingerie! Find a set that comes with a matching one, or make sure to find a garter that coordinates well to wear under your dress.

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