Single Toy Gun

Single Toy Gun. A great accessory for any law enforcement costume. 

Looking for the finishing touch for your villain or police costume? Well, if you need to bring the heat, this is the perfect option. The Single Toy Gun looks like a standard-issue 9mm military or police handgun, but works equally well for a villain or thief!

A Versatile Accent for an Array of Costumes

Sometimes you need to pack heat to make your costume complete! Our Single toy gun is a fantastic accent piece for a huge variety of costumes. Maybe you’re a gangster who needs a gun for a life of crime Maybe you're the hot-shot cop who needs to bring to protect themselves while they lay down the law! It doesn’t matter which side of the law you’re on, with the Single Toy Gun, you can give your costume the finishing touch it needs! Pick up the Single Toy Gun and take your costume to the next level!

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