Horn Holster

Looking for the perfect accessory to take your devilish costume to the next level? Our Horn Holster is exactly what you’re looking for. The strappy holster fits snuggly around your chest, with adjustable straps to ensure a proper fit. The placement of the straps emphasizes the curve and swell chest for some extra sex appeal on any costume.

A pair of horns adorn each side of the holster, attaching to the strap above each breast. The horn points peak over your shoulders and connects to matching horns that attach to the back of the holster—making sure the devilish side is visible from the front and the back and creating a fierce and powerful profile for your costume.

Whether you’re looking to add a unique twist to a sexy Halloween costume or want to make your rave outfit a bit more sinful, our Horn Holster is the perfect accessory. This one-size item fits most body types thanks to the adjustable straps. It is available in both red and black to match any devil-themed outfit.

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