80's Sporty Yuppie Costume

Includes: Off the Shoulder Top, Brief with Straps, Leg Warmers and Headband

Want to travel back in time and achieve the 80’S SPORTY YUPPIE look? Then this 4PC costume set is a perfect choice. It has all the elements that make it the right choice for someone who likes the styles from the ’80s. The pink off-shoulder top has a classic design that resembles women flaunting their beautiful physique. The blue brief with straps is a signature style that is a blast from the past where women were unapologetic about their fashion sense and all about quirky and comfort. It lets you dive into the character and express yourself to the fullest.

The leg warmers and headband are the essences of this whole outfit that will immediately level up the style to add sexy and sporty to this costume set. The entire look instantly takes you to the 80s, when women would dress exactly like this to engage in some type of exercise, but with the hint of boldness that is fun and expressive at the same time. It is an ultimate choice for someone with an inclination towards 80s sports fashion who wants to get into it uniquely. Available in Pink/Blue and Sizes from S, M, and L.

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