Butterfly Wings

Butterfly Wings

These butterfly wings are designed to perfection to align with the vibe of a butterfly fairy beauty. Its fine detailing is very convincing and crafted with great creativity and the idea of making it extremely flattering and unique. It is very sturdy, sits well to the costume with lasting comfort, and allows you to move comfortably. With these wings, you can walk, dance, participate in various activities, perform and use other ways you want, and instantly complete your fairy look.

When you have a butterfly beauty costume for a specific occasion, the look is incomplete without these wings. The wings take the appearance to the next level by profoundly adding up to the essence of the character. It is a must-have addition to the character you want to create. It goes well with the short and fun dress that gives the vibe of a butterfly.

It's the cherry on top! So if you are looking to complete your butterfly beauty, this is the perfect choice you can make to get the desired look. It will effortlessly lighten up the character and get you into the role!

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