Fetching Frauline Costume

Includes: Off the Shoulder Top, Shorts with Attached Lederhosen and Hat

For your next Oktoberfest party, put on this astounding three-piece FETCHING FRAULINE character-inspired costume set! This sexy outfit features a white off-shoulder top and black/red shorts with attached lederhosen to show off your desirable and flirty side—the shorts paired with high heel boots will give your character the lift it needs. The hat transforms you into an exotic Bavarian girl. This costume set is all about making a bold statement while keeping the thematic expression of the character intact.

Whether for the bedroom or Halloween party, this sexy costume will cater to your and your partner's unique needs. It is one of the intriguing costume sets that aim for confidence and draw attention to you! It is suitable for rave parties, parades, events, or intimate occasions.

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