Underworld Evil Queen Costume

Includes: Vinyl Bodysuit with Lace-Up Detail, Adjustable Collar and Belted Overskirt with Built-In Petticoat

This Evil Queen Bodysuit is one-of-a-kind of attire that will undoubtedly draw the attention of people around you. This 3PC bodysuit has an aura that will make you feel like a super temptress coming straight out of a Hollywood movie. It is a power bodysuit wrap in premium vinyl to give a plush quality and the highest comfort level. The Lace-Up Detail and the belted overskirt with built-in petticoat extend the dramatics to this complete outfit. Every detail in this bodysuit is a notable highlight with a separate story to tell.

If you are looking for something unusual that is not everyone’s cup of tea kind of stuff, then this bodysuit is the right choice you should consider. It has a contemporary design for an effortless and bold look that instantly makes you feel confident. The classic design will hold no secrets on your interest and the mood you are in, but there is still a little bit of mystery and fun at the same time.

Available Colors: Exotic Black and Sexy Red and choose from standard sizes Small, Medium, and Large. Something completely unexpected you can wear will surprise your partner, raise excitement, and create mystery.

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