1pc Biker Gal

Includes Long-Sleeved Bodysuit with Checkers Detail and Stud. 

Get kinky with this long sleeve black biker gal bodysuit with checkers detail and studs that will hug your body perfectly and accentuate all of your curves in all the right places. 

This outfit tells no lies, letting your lovers know that you mean business. You are not one to mess around and you will make sure that you get what you want. The tight grasp of the bodysuit perfectly outlines the form of your body and the high cut on your buttocks make your booty irresistible to grasp. Once you are wearing this sexy suit, you run the show. The shiny fabric reflects off your curves and the zip going from your cleavage down to your stomach is asking to be undone, making for easy access and a modification in your costume. You can choose to give more or less of your skin allowing for peaking at what lies beneath the shiny fabric. 

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