4pc Mad As a Hatter Costume

You’ll put the wonder in Wonderland in our 4PC Mad As A Hatter Costume. This fantasy-inspired costume is bold, bright, and oozing with sex appeal. The base piece is a simple black romper, which fits comfortably and snugly over your curves. The bright purple jacket is the centerpiece of this ensemble, with a beautifully pleated hem from collar to tails, showing off flashes of the silver inner lining with each ruffle. The collar is high, and the slightly puffed sleeves give it a dramatic look.

Naturally, no hatter would leave home without her hat. The large purple top hat is impossible to ignore, giving you that iconic look that everyone will recognize. The hat band features a print of pocket watches that matches the pattern on the oversized bowtie, which pulls the outfit together for a look that’s sexy enough to drive anyone a bit mad.

Whether you’re heading to a Halloween party, convention, rave, or a somewhat wild tea party, Our 4PC Mad As A Hatter Costume brings plenty of flair to the table. It comes in purple and black and is available in sizes Small, Medium, and Large.

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