2pc Poison Ivy

Includes Sequin Romper with V-Wire and Sequin Applique, and Sequin Headband.

Unleash your intoxicating beauty on the world and steal the night with the captivating 2 pc Poison Ivy. This incredibly sexy outfit includes a green sequin romper with v-wire and sequin applique. The included headband perfectly completes this outfit and will have you feeling like the queen you are!

Your beauty is going to be contagious as your infectious lust penetrates the souls of all who come in contact with your intoxicating curves! The 2pc Poison Ivy outfit will help you set your evening on fire with a form fitting sequin romper with v wire and sequin applique that hugs every every inch of you and shows the world how dangerous your curves can be! Whether you are going out to dominate the forest, or staying in to share your intoxicating love with someone special, the 2pc Poison Ivy will help you ignite your evening and get your roots into your prey!

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