1pc Silly Ghost Dress

Includes Cozy Dress with Cutout Shoulders and Ghost Screen Print.

There is nothing sexier than being able to get a little silly! The 1pc Silly Ghost dress perfectly hugs your curves and keeps your evening light-hearted and your sex appeal in full force. This silly, sexy dress has a relaxed collar, sexy cutout shoulders and a ghastly ghoul making a silly face to keep things fun!

The girl who wins the night is the one having the most fun! This dress has the best of both worlds and keeps things light hearted with a silly ghost face but still keeps you looking hot with a perfect form fitting design that highlights your most alluring curves. The loose-fit collar on this dress will show off relaxed demeanor while the cutout shoulders let everybody know just how sexy silly can be! The silly ghost face is super fun and a great conversation starter, so get ready to mingle with the incredibly sexy 1pc Silly Ghost Dress

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