Holographic Keyhole Tie-Top

Holographic Keyhole Tie-Top

Our Holographic Keyhole Tie-Top puts a unique twist on the traditional bikini top. Instead of having two separate cups, this top features a single piece of shimmering vinyl, which swoops across your chest in a boomerang-like shape and emphasizes the curve of your chest. The top comes to a peak below each breast and collar bone, where it connects to string ties that secure behind your back and neck. This unique shape leaves a keyhole opening at the bottom, putting the lower portion of your cleavage and the bottom curves of your breast on display.

This Holographic Keyhole Tie-Top is available in sizes S, M, and L and comes in silver. The holographic silver material is truly eye-catching, with a high sheen that gives off rainbow hues under the dance floor lights and a certain futuristic vibe that’s perfect for building a themed rave outfit. Pair it with our Holographic Flared Skirt and your favorite rave boots for a stunningly simple rave look, or add accessories to give it your unique twist.

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